Everybody loves cupcakes, but these add a little surprise when you take a bite!

Step 1: You will need

-175g Self Raising flour
-150g Sugar
-150g Butter
-3 Eggs
-1tsp Vanilla essence
-Food colouring
OR your own basic cupcake recipe.

For the icing
-250g Icing Sugar
-150g Butter
-1tsp Vanilla Essence
-2tsp Hot Water
-Food colouring

-3 Bowls (one large, one medium and one small)
-Electric mixer
-Small Glass
-Muffin tray and cupcake cases
-Kitchen Scale
-The end of a spoon, a chopstick or a skewer.
nice colour combination!
So Adorable! They look so tasty and I love the colors. Makes it look even tastier!

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