Picture of Two-toned tye-dye converse: hi or low top
This is for the people that want to customise their converse with a twist of color. (best used with all white or all black converse)
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Step 1: Converse choice

What you choose as your base color is up to you but i would recomend plain white or black color because they allow you to use more than one color. The nock-off converse that you get from a resale shop or walmart work just fine.

Step 2: Chooseing colors and paints

When choosing colors try to think of how well they will show up on your base color. If your base color is white then you can use any color that you want, but, if you use black or any other color then you might only be able to use white or bright colored paints.
Fabric paint or fabric dye work just fine as the additional colors. Fabric paint can be used for more precise placement of color, just as fabric dye will make the true tye-dye effect. Also, fabric dye would need to be used much more carefully because it can dye skin or produce harmful effects from contact with skin.
Great idea, loving this.
BunnyRoger1 year ago
Wow, this looks so so cool!!!
MAApleton1 year ago
Definitely would love to see more pics of this please.
misteek7 years ago
thanks very much for this, I appreciate it. will be doing this in the next few days, and hopefully i'll get a couple of photo's up.
theHankster9 years ago
Definitely need more pics!!! My daughter is into All-Stars and would love this!!
yes, more pictures. Chucks are the most positively cool shoes ever made.