Introduction: Two Ways to Purify Water With Fire.

I made this because everytime we go up to our local forest, we forget water but we always have a lighter so now we can purify the water just make sure its on for at least 5 min, max 25 min.


EvonyS (author)2014-08-16

I disagree, SirMeatwad, because you could boil all your water away (it will evaporate), leaving you with none. I've read one minute at a rolling boil is OK at sea level, but for higher elevations you need up to five minutes. I've never heard 25 minutes before this. Interesting video, although a bit hard to watch with the camera moving so often and not focused on what you are doing.

SirMeatwad (author)2013-09-15

There really shouldn't just be a time limit, to be safer, you should wait until it totally boils.

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