Picture of pSusie's Psychedelic Easter Eggs
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My mom's formula. We did this every year at Easter. I thought everybody did it this way.  

You need:
one egg dye kit - the Tablet kind that uses vinegar & water

12 eggs. Hard Boiled, I suppose, but you could color a RAW egg and laugh when
someone cracks it open and gets all messy! (evil. be nice!)

melted margarine
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Step 1: Mom's Secret Formula

Picture of Mom's Secret Formula
Make the egg dye almost according to instructions, which should resemble the following -

Drop tablet into 3Tbsp.vinegar and let dissolve. When the dye tablet

is completely dissolved, add 1/2 cup HOT water. (very important to use HOT water, not cold) Then

add a teaspoon or two of melted margarine to each mug of color.

Step 2: It's Magic!

Picture of It's Magic!
Now dunk an egg. The egg will instantly(!) receive a beautiful whirling design as the margarine does a random resist.

Step 3: Wow! Cool!

Wipe any excess oil from the eggs. Now marvel at the wonder of your skill!
lime3D11 months ago

Do you think this would work with mineral oil or vegetable oil instead of melted margarine?

ksamples2 lime3D11 months ago

Cool eggs, going to try the oil in one of the cups and will let you know. Color kits are cheap so I can try it before kids are needed. lol

sinman21 year ago

how do you do the dual color without blending?

dreamberry (author)  sinman21 year ago

Just dunk first in one color, wipe dry, then dunk in the second color!

That is so cool!! I have to try this!!! :D
dreamberry (author)  Jessie Marie2 years ago
Thanks! When you do we'd love to hear about it!
dreamberry (author)  Reed_Sky_Born2 years ago
I'll tell me mum you like it! She'll be thrilled! Thanks for commenting!
(removed by author or community request)
dreamberry (author)  sharonbridal2 years ago
Mom says thanks!
no worrys