Picture of Tye Dye Ice
tye dyed ice.JPG
tye dye ice stuff.JPG
 When ordinary ice just won't do, it's that 70's ice! (not responsible for strangely discolored drinks) I have done this WITHOUT food coloring, to make oddly mis-shaped ice, which looks very un-usual in the freezer. (mom hated it!)

You need:
ice cube tray, freezer, and water
food coloring (optional)  
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Step 1: First color

Picture of First color
tye dye ice 1a.JPG
For the first layer (yellow), only fill each cubicle halfway up, then freeze. When frozen, remove the ice and carefully stand each cube up, the long way, in it's cubicle.   (Added 9/29/2011 Don't use straight food color! Use a dilute solution, 5 or 6 drops of color in a half cup of water. dreamberry)

Step 2: Green

Picture of Green
With the first cubes standing upright, carefully fill each cubicle with the second layer of water (green) and freeze. 

Step 3: Red!

Picture of Red!
Now remove the ice and stand the cubes up again, perch or wedge them as you may need to, so long as some of the next water will freeze to them. Carefully refill the tray with more water (red) and freeze.

Step 4: Blue

Picture of Blue
Remove cubes, perch balance stand, and refill (blue), and freeze.  Tye-dyed ice.  Yuck.