Step 4: Blue

Remove cubes, perch balance stand, and refill (blue), and freeze.  Tye-dyed ice.  Yuck. 
That's cool! how long does it take to make?
Well, you're basically making a tray of ice four times, so depending on how fast your freezer freezes ice,, I'd say probably all day, at least.
To make this better skip the food coloring and go straight to the snow-cone flavorings. It adds color and flavor! You can dilute it to get more out of it and get a subtle flavor.
Great idea! I've frozen tea, to use in my iced tea, so it doesn't water down.
Voted! <br><br>Best of Luck to ALL of us! ;-D
Thank you thank you thankyou! :)
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Thank you very much!!!
Love this! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks! Quite a cosmic accident this! I did it without food color, just to be a pest, to make &quot;lumpy ice&quot;. I used food color to illustrate the process, and ended up with something that people seem to dig quite a bit!
Kewl! Some of our best inventions/discoveries have been by accident!
Thanks, I agree!
For a tasty drink and color, use crystal light wild strawberry: Add TWO packages to a 20 oz bottle of water. Pour liquid into ice tray. Freeze. When hardend, put cube into glass, add club soda. Refreshing! and Pretty.<br>
Great idea!
Now, this is an ideal instructable, novel and easily done. More importanlty the product is useful, too.
Thank you! Glad you like it!
to save food coloring i added water :) colors come out a little lighter though<br>
Ha Ha. Gee I hope nobody uses straight food coloring! I guess I was not clear on that was I? OOPS! I used 5 or 6 drops in a half cup of water. You're just messin' with me, right?
And as I look more closely at my own Instructable, I see that I have misspelled TIE in the title. I kept wondering why spellcheck was tellin' me &quot;tye&quot; was wrong, and thought &quot;I should shut that off.&quot;
Very cute!
Glad you like! :)
I LOVE this!!!
Thank you very much!!! (it might not have been, if scoochmaroo had not inspired me with gentle prodding.)
This Ible should be FEATURED!!!!<br><br>Wake up, Scooch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Good Morning Sleepyhead! ;-D
hummy deli!
Thanks for the kind comment!
thats wild ! a LOT of work but really wild
the most effort I've ever put into ice. thanks!

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