Step 3: Soak Fabric in Dye

Put the ratio of
1 table spoon procion mx powder
6ish cups of water. luke warm.
Also add
a tablespoonish of salt
in a bag or bucket. shake or stir.

Consult packaging for exact quantities. Though experimenting will provide you with more flexibility in the future. The packaging doesn't know your goals, anyway.

I often resort to a large zip lock bag, but the mop bucket is a more environmentally friendly container if you're not going to save zip locks (if you do save them make sure to label them as NOT FOR FOOD, especially if you live in a coop like I do).

Fold/rubber band/tye fabric if dying with a pattern. I like to scrunch it up to get the crushed look in the pictures. No ties or rubber bands-- the key to crushed is to let the bag sit still and not move the dye around. The uneveness of the soda ash, salt and fabric layering and squishing will give the crushed effect.

On the other hand, for even color use a bucket and stir consistently. You can even put a large load in the washing machine.

Put the fabric, eg a shirt, in the bag/bucket. Add more water if necessary to cover the fabric. Seal the bag (if applicable) and squish out the air.
Очень интересно! Надо попробовать сделать.
omg. did anyone else see the face on the shirt? its half way up the front and to the left. it looks like a skull. it has dark blue eyes
Had a question about the length of time between step three and four. How long do you wait from soaking in the ziplock bag until rinsing them?
hey, i want to make one of these teeshirts that look more scrunched rather than circles. how do you get it to look like this? and what colour teeshirt do i use if i want grey / purpley tye dye?
For another take on the same idea check out my instructable here:<br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Zip-Bag-Dyeing%3a-Jays-Patented-method-for-a-double-/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Zip-Bag-Dyeing%3a-Jays-Patented-method-for-a-double-/</a><br/><br/>
how'd it go? pictures?
hey! thanks for that i havent got around to it yet probably this weekend il let you know how it goes thankyou!
To get the scrunched rather than circle/spiral look scrunch up your shirt!. Take a little bit of say the sleeve and start mashing it together, pulling in more and more of the shirt. The more folds and creases, the tighter the scrunch pattern. Loosely or tightly--depending on how sharp a contrast you want; if it's wicked tight then the insides might remain undyed--wrap the shirt in string or rubber bands. If your bag or bucket is the right size you won't even have to tie it up. Once in the dye, don't move it too much. Also, I put a little bit of dry dye on top once the shirt is in to get a slightly uneven coloration. I think putting salt in also helps with unevening the dying. what color dye do you have? I used midnight blue tye dye on a crisp white shirt for the blue one, and lilac dye on an off white shirt for the purpley one.
How did you get the front blue and the back purple?
So, once I've scrunched the shirt and I have put it in the dye...how long do I leave it in there before I remove it to ring it out?
post pictures when you're done.
depends on how dark you want the darks and how light you want the lights. the longer you leave the shirt in the dye the more the dye will seep into the folds, causing the lights to become dyed. if you left the shirt in there for a week presumably it would be an almost solid color (maybe mottled?). I'd say 1 hr is prolly good. 2 hrs is fine, too. Once you take it out squeeze it out. you can either try not to mess up the shape, or you can try to give it a good squeezing out so it's not dripping wet (much). Then leave it in a plastic bag overnight. Because you're leaving it in a bag overnight, the darks will have time to really darken. I don't think this will dillute the whites too much.
you can get soda ash cheap at the pool supply,or get to know a pool guy and you'll get it free!
awesome! The pool or hardware stores sell it as sodium carbonate. Any pH upper will do! you want around pH 10 or 11 to fix "fiber reactive dye". Arm&Hammer has a natural washing soda, sodium carbonate decahydrate, that contains water in addition to sodium carbonate, so use maybe 3 times as much. I'll add these tips to the soda ash step. This isntructable is collaborative... but I wish anyone could add to it (like a wiki).. I think I have to add collaborators manually. If you want to be added let me know!
inspired by <br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Zip-Bag-Dyeing%3a-Jays-Patented-method-for-a-double-/">camscam's dye post</a><br/>

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