Introduction: "Tying the Knot" Wedding Invites

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Step 1:

A wedding invite for all! mainly for smaller wedding, enjoy abd comment

Step 2:

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start with paper, string, scissors, and tape.

cut a string 12 inches long

and tie in a LOOSE knot like the picture

Step 3:

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print off a picture (or cartoon) of people playing tug of war. Then set the string atop the card and print out the wedding info, glue it to the bottom of the page.

Step 4:

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take a male figure playing tug of war and cut him out, and put holes theough his hands using a pen, then insert the string into the pen hole on his hand(s)

Tape him down to one side of the card, Be very careful with the knot, dont let it slip into the finished know

Step 5:

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with help from my trusty assistiant, cut out a woman figure now, and poke holes through her hand(s) insert the string and tape down

Its ok if it is really loose, do not tighten it yet!

Step 6:

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tighten the knot by pullin one or both of the string ends but HOLD the knot so it wont slip, close the card and cut off the excess string and tape it to the backside, it will then tighten when the person opens the card


shazni (author)2014-06-11

This is such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing :-)

horseygal2014 (author)2014-06-02


sunshiine (author)2014-05-27

What a unique idea! Thanks for sharing and do have a great day!


How cute! Omg, I wish I knew someone getting married so they could make their invites like this!

mikeasaurus (author)2014-05-25

That's a really cute idea for a wedding invite.

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