Tyler's Kinetic Tombstone With Slug Surprise (by 1st Grader)


Introduction: Tyler's Kinetic Tombstone With Slug Surprise (by 1st Grader)

We've been building Halloween decorations every year since my kids were born - each year they choose a "creature" to build to add onto our haunt.  This year, my 6 year old designed his first Halloween Decoration - it was a proud day!

I tried to make suggestions, but he was pretty adamant about how he wanted it!



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    From one daddy to another -- nice work! I bet you tried to suggest a spring to re-close the door, or maybe a string on the opposite side for closing it? Pretty cool to get your kids into the creative/DIY stuff as early as possible. I hope to do the same! (My oldest turns 5 in November)

    Definitely the important thing is that the son takes some pride in his work and wants to keep making new stuff.

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    I tried -but he had it in his head what he wanted - I was gonna go for the rubber band to return the door.