Tyler's Knex Pistol




Introduction: Tyler's Knex Pistol

Hey instructables this is a knex pistol my friend Tyler made when he came over and i told him that i was going to make an instructable for him and he said cool so this it. I will make him an account this weekend when he comes over again so rate comment and subscribe.



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    hey u should just shut up

    Hey!!! CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISM I anyway dont like knex guns there just painful
    and stupid (no offence to slimshaddy its my opinion) and I dont think anyone should post any more k'nex guns!!! SO THERE!

    let me be i did not make it

    Hey shaddy, I dont really like this gun. But I know you did not make it. My first gun was a blcok trigger aswell.

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    I think most of our first guns were block triggers.

    True =D I just noticed I spelled block wrong =D

    my friend made it he is not all that familiar to knex

    when did he make it???

    last night he made it in like 15 minutes

    15 min if he was aknexer he would faaster but hes not and dont post side triggers

    ill post what ever i want look at pineapplebobs guns most of those are block triggers and nobody ever said anything about those guns and what about KILLERK'S pistol once again block trigger.

    sow killerks is not even on anymore

    so what about pineapplebob huh

    what is that mean

    most of his guns are block trigger