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Here are some animals made up of various symbols on the keyboard.


iproberry1 (author)2012-04-26

you know there is a generator for this?

I don't get it.(The generator.)

type in a word then click generate!

Yeah, that's what I did.

then why do you not get it?

I have no idea.


Yah, that pretty much made no sence. it didn't.

What's with the cookie?


Is it junk food week or something?

thing 2 (author)vroom...vroom...2012-05-22

No, you got a cookie! Berry I'll take it if he (or she) doesn't want it.

vroom...vroom... (author)thing 22012-05-22

I'm a he.

iproberry1 (author)2012-04-26

Click here to make a step-by-step instructable!

P.S. you really should!



Shouldn't it be obvious how to do it?

yes it is's just if you did this on a step-by-step instructable you would of had a bigger chance of getting featured (When you get featured you get 1 year PRO). With PRO you get to make guides,private instructables and more!

I didn't know that!

what that like a angry comment?

No, I really didn't know that.

well the day you get featured...tell me!
Here are the things you should have in your instructable to get featured:
- title fits and explains the project
- intro step explains reason/motivation for the project
- intro image is informative
- intro image is clear and in-focus
- project is detailed enough to be repeatable
- project is broken into enough steps
- every step has at least one paragraph of text
- every step has at least one useful picture
- most steps have multiple pictures
- pictures use image notes as needed
- spelling and grammar don't distract
- parts/materials/ingredients list included, with links to sources as needed
- tools list included, with links to sources as needed
- includes links to references as needed

Computothought (author)2012-04-25


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