Picture of Typewriter iPad Stand
My USB Typewriter Conversion Kit  allows you to easily retrofit your old typewriter to work as a keyboard for computers and laptops, or even for tablets such as the iPad. In fact, you can even position your iPad on the roller so it acts as "virtual paper" for your typewriter. I just love the effect of seeing a 100 year old typewriter working in perfect concert with a cutting edge gadget like the iPad. If you haven't already, please check out the USB Typewriter instructable here.

However, you don't need to make a USB Typewriter if you simply want to use your trusty typewriter as a iPad stand or charging station -- in this simple instructable, I'll show you how.
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Step 1: Prepare the support

Picture of Prepare the support
To make your iPad support, you will need only one thing: a strip of brass or steel measuring 2in x 12 in x .025 inches thick.  I buy this at my local art supply or hobby store. You can also buy it on Amazon here.

Once you have obtained the brass strip, use scissors to cut it down into a 2inx6in rectangle, as shown.  Steel scissors will cut through brass quite easily, but you must go slow -- if you have them, you can use tin snips instead.  In this picture, I am demonstrating with a piece of scrap metal.

NOTE: If you have purchased a USB Typewriter from my store, the stand is provided already -- there is no need to make one, so you can skip this step.

Step 2: Insert Support

Picture of Insert Support
Next, simply place the support behind the roller, as if you were inserting paper into it.  Before inserting it, you may decide to bend the support to change your tablet's viewing angle.
Advar1 year ago
Odd, love it!
vincent75202 years ago
Back to the basics even before the IBM typewriters were designed !…
You came a long way !…

(signed Philip Marlowe)

Fun project !…
This is awesome! Great job,