Introduction: TyphoonCar

awesome car with sporty front and back suspension with iron springs
the driving behaviour is very good
the car cant be destroyed easily
the chassis is extremely reinforced (=> 4.4lbs)

if anyone wants to copy the front bumper there are some extra photos ;)

unfortunately there wont be any instructions how to build this car, i made it out of my mind and it has been developed over 7 years.



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    this is a completely different car to the rest! 5* I would be interested in building it too.

    thank you very much ;)

    i understand you but when i built it the car sometimes made me very anxious, for example the "grey plates" on the roof

    another thing is that some parts must be modified with abrasive paper or pliers

    thank you =)

    i'll make instructions of the exterior parts(front bumper and rear bumper) so that youre able to copy the look
    then youre able to built it more lightly because the car is so heavy (4.4 lbs) that the front wheels brake off without the springs

    dude that car is a beast, I have always been wanting to build 1 of these things for a very long time now

    4.4 lbs thats crazy, but i would still like to build it the way you have it maybe just post a couple of pics on the chassis/interior

    i'll make instructions of the bodykit
    i'll inform you when its finished

    sounds good, pm me.
    by the way does it use your "car base" as a chassis?

    you cant use the kit on all car bases
    but you can either adopt the car base or the bodykit