Step 9: Final Blah

Connect up a hose, fill a tub or bucket with water place hose in water and crank that handle.
I Know you have skipped to this step allready.

This project was completed in a day as you may have seen in the photo's.

Hope you enjoy this simple pump that may well be an answer to many problems.

Add grease and spacer washers around moving joints.

<p>Eu fiz um igual, muito bom e funcional, usei com agua, o problema esta no tipo de pneu, usei um muito macio e na hora de sugar ele perde for&ccedil;a. ainda vou tentar fazer usando pneu de carro que tem arame na sua estrutura. acho que um pneu bem alto seria ideal. vou tentar com 185 70 14.</p>
<p>great project. How well does it work with water? with air?</p>
You are the man.... This is so cool. Can you post a movie of it in action?
Good job.
very cool i think putting a bike on it for pumping water up the hill air is a great mover of water
very cool I am thinking of a motorized version thanks for the insperation
You got my vote. Very cool, Johhny; and educational. I'm not sure if I grasp how the one way valves were made though. FTG
Hello FeedTheGrid, I have done some editing of the valve section with some explanations and notes on pictures. I would love to draw what I am explaining or make a .GIF but not sure how (I know just search it). Thank you very much for your vote
Now I see. Thanks. Nice work.
Nice work John, I could see this in a third world country that has no power available and use it for pumping water, I see so many people carrying buckets from the river bank or well, this could be submerged just under the water and crank away to deliver the liquid to a storage tank or piped over small distance, Well done lad, Regards Steve
I like it! I might scale it down sometime along with a small windmill for power.
Thats a good green idea. My next one will be small, and a replacement for my aging (noisy) fish tank pump. More valves or larger ones so the tyre can breathe easier will make turning the shaft easier in lighter winds.
Similar design I saw in the book Design for the Real World by Victor Papanek. It was published in 1973 in the USA. It was supposed to be used as an irrigation pump in Africa.
Yes it is not an original, we have some people using car tyres to aerate marron ponds, and I think a local mine is using D9 haulpack tires in there ponds.

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