Picture of Tyvek Wallet
I got a bunch of Tyvek scraps from misprints at work and thought I would do some projects with them. They are all poster sized but i cut them down to what i needed. If you cant find any sheets of Tyvek, lots of mailing envelopes are made of Tyvek and are free. Tyvek is a plastic product with the basic properties of paper. It is water resistant, and nearly tear proof. 
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Step 1: Cutting and folding

Picture of Cutting and folding
I got tired of folding up my paychecks and wanted a wallet big enough to hold them. Thats how i decided how large to make this wallet; big enough to fit the huge (not in amount, but sheer size. why are they so big? my checks are one third the size) checks I get. 
I started with a piece of Tyvek 4 times the height of the check and a little wider. IT was about 10x14 inches. I folded the sheet in half then each of those in half as well. One fold will later house the cards, one the cash and receipts, and the "hidden compartment " on bottom would hold the checks. 

Step 2: Securing the sides and adding cards.

Picture of Securing the sides and adding cards.
2013-08-19 00.30.02.jpg
2013-08-19 23.43.54.jpg
I thought about sewing the sides, the Tyvec would have held up, but I got lazy. Maybe I'll sew the next one. Instead I grabbed some ribbon and super glue made a hinge. I glued half the ribbon to one side of the folded wallet and half to the other side. After gluing the ribbon I created the center fold. None of the folds are very tight, and I wanted them to be that way so it stays loose. 

I made the cuts for the cards with about a quarter inch of space between cards. I made a second slot above the first along the same lines. 

Step 3: Filling the wallet

Picture of Filling the wallet
2013-08-19 23.45.35.jpg
2013-09-02 16.59.46.jpg
The cash goes in the back slot, after fitting the cards into the card slot I glued the top shut so I could not put stuff in the slot with the cards. The cards were a little loose so I added 2 1/8 inch thick magnets to hold them in place while the wallet is closed. 
dchall81 year ago
I've had a FedEx Tyvek wallet since about 2008. I thought it would be indestructible, but it is not. While it does not tear, it does wear out from friction. I glued mine together with Alene's fabric glue from any hobby store. The glue has held up beautifully.
tdavis26 (author) 1 year ago
Not so far, i figured people have used magnets in their money clips for years with no ill affect. If they go out Ill post a comment.
ardnon1 year ago
cool idea, any problems with the magnets messing up your credit cards?