Step 8: The Slo-Mo Video

Here is a video of the whole process slowed right down so you have time to see exactly how it works:

Thanks for the nice comments everyone! The yo-yo is an anti-yo eetsit it is not offstring (thats a whole different division), it has a counterweight attached to the other end of the string so you can throw it around like in the first trick. Its really great fun! oh, and the song is from the beastie boys' album Hello Nasty (its the funny bit at the end of track 3 which counts down backwards - weird)
Just a bit more on the music... The Beastie tune samples its catchy giblet from a Chilean band called Los Angeles Negros, (the black angels). The song is titled "El Rey y Yo" (the king and I). They were around from the late sixties until the early eighties.
first time i've seen an eetsit, looks like i might be getting one soon! Nice video and great pictures, thanks. btw the suit is bad, but no wonder as it doesn't fit you at all. get a new one and get it to fit. i would hate to go to work every day in something that i hated wearing! luckily i'm a student :)
i really appreciate that you did step-by-step. nice trick!
That suit you have there is awesome. Are you, by any chance, anon?
Sweet uniform. O yeah, the trick was good too. Also what yo-yo are you using? By the way, +1
awesome . it seems that the trick is offstring or it was my imagination ? How is the song called BTW?
Wow, that's really cool! I like the place where you recorded the first video. But wow, really awesome job, the pictures are good help on how to do it. Nice job! +1 rating. (added to favorites)

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