U.V Crystal Ball





Introduction: U.V Crystal Ball

Make an easy and cheap crystal ball.
You need:

Instant warm compress (hot ice Experiment)
empty bulb
u.v LED
button cells
usb cable

Step 1: Empty Bulb

take an empty bulb or what you want for making a round shape.
Light bulb it,s great mold.

Step 2: Crystalization

Take your instant hotpad (1$) and pour into the bulb.
Instant crystalization will forming fast.(hot ice experiment)

Step 3: U.v Led

Make a hole in the crystal and put a U.V LED inside the bulb.
Let the 2 wire out the ball.And pour some extra hot ice on the top for sealing the job.

Step 4: Power

take 3 button cells or usb power for powering your cool crystal ball.
after a day your crystral ball will be very very hard.
Can make a cool stroboscope light too.



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    I have an old hand krank flashlight that has one or u can get one of these pens that a an ink that when sholn with the UV light u can see it. hope this helped ( please cheak out my instructable and rate!!!) woodstockdirdy

    also do you think you could hook up a button to turn on the light inside?

    is it one of those icy hot pads?

    do u mean these hotpads with a metal piece in it which u can boil to make them liquid again?

    Those hand warmer thingies

    could you break the glass around the crystal? i think that would make it cooler

    What is the exact component of "hotpad" or "instant warm compress"? Magnesium sulfate (Mg2SO4) or sodium acetate (NaAc) ? I think it better to get the raw material from the chemistry lab of my school...


    You should try to mix in some fluorescent dye; from a highlighter or a spent 'light stick'. the fast crystallization might even allow several dyes in a swirl pattern within the bulb.....