U.V Crystal Ball





Introduction: U.V Crystal Ball

Make an easy and cheap crystal ball.
You need:

Instant warm compress (hot ice Experiment)
empty bulb
u.v LED
button cells
usb cable

Step 1: Empty Bulb

take an empty bulb or what you want for making a round shape.
Light bulb it,s great mold.

Step 2: Crystalization

Take your instant hotpad (1$) and pour into the bulb.
Instant crystalization will forming fast.(hot ice experiment)

Step 3: U.v Led

Make a hole in the crystal and put a U.V LED inside the bulb.
Let the 2 wire out the ball.And pour some extra hot ice on the top for sealing the job.

Step 4: Power

take 3 button cells or usb power for powering your cool crystal ball.
after a day your crystral ball will be very very hard.
Can make a cool stroboscope light too.



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    I have an old hand krank flashlight that has one or u can get one of these pens that a an ink that when sholn with the UV light u can see it. hope this helped ( please cheak out my instructable and rate!!!) woodstockdirdy

    also do you think you could hook up a button to turn on the light inside?

    is it one of those icy hot pads?

    do u mean these hotpads with a metal piece in it which u can boil to make them liquid again?

    2 replies

    Those hand warmer thingies

    could you break the glass around the crystal? i think that would make it cooler

    What is the exact component of "hotpad" or "instant warm compress"? Magnesium sulfate (Mg2SO4) or sodium acetate (NaAc) ? I think it better to get the raw material from the chemistry lab of my school...


    You should try to mix in some fluorescent dye; from a highlighter or a spent 'light stick'. the fast crystallization might even allow several dyes in a swirl pattern within the bulb.....

    Where can you find Instant warm compress

    1 reply

    Any medical supply store, or the first aid section of a local grocer.

    I tried it with 3 UV LEDs, but it doesn't work like the bulb in the Video

    1 reply

    THe bulb in the video is a UV bulb. Which, would not be normaly visable light, but the camera "sees" in a ifferent spectrum than we do. So, on a recording we can see it.

    Be a neat way to mess with a buddy while he's on the Wii.

    It only shows up on camera right?

    Wow! That is an amazing project! I really like it. 5 star rating!



    instant warm compress is sodium acetate i believe. its also the same stuff as in those instant hot packs for sporting injuries. you can get it from a chemists. yes it does stay solid. its not actual ice when hardened it is a compound that is similar to sodium chloride (table salt) but in a big solid block. so it will dissolve if it gets wet. LED's come in lots of different types with different power outputs. so the uv led's shown here are most probably high intensity ones which are several times brighter than a standard one. usually cost around $5 ish each. i havent seen high intensity uv ones before but i would assume they exist. just ask in places that sell electrical components or on ebay