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I was going to make a instructable for this but it was too long too unaccurt so i did this insted.


nice finish

 armour plated

multipale tools(indevelapment)

looks cool (on arm)

freely move


looks stupid (off arm)

hard to make

a bit tight

I'v armour plated it with cans.2 layers at the top and 1 at the under side.I look like a monster with the claws on swwweeeet. tell my what you think of it .


Architect727 (author)2013-04-21

Like the arm guard

th30be (author)2012-06-12

It is great. How did you make it?

RSV26 (author)th30be2012-07-08

thank you , its impossibale to make it a gain but i can give you the basic,on how to do the armor and lock sistum . ( sorry so long comment did not want to post)

th30be (author)RSV262012-07-08

It is cool. Why is it impossible to make it again? Yes, please do.

RSV26 (author)th30be2012-07-09

arm size , arm lenth. ill post a instructable soon. i just need cans .

mohammedis271 (author)2012-07-05


BarginsTech (author)2012-02-25

should read "a bit tight" but very nice pictures and a simple idea for cosplay!

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