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Introduction: UDP (Part 1)

About: Hello. My name is <classified> I have an interest of making model guns with k'nex, even though I don't post much at all, I make some guns then never post or remember ever again because they are simply too c...

Until a few weeks ago, I have been doubting myself about making k'nex guns, but after careful building, I will be releasing a new array of k'nex guns. There will be pistols, portable cannons, grenades, assault rifles and maybe a few snipers thrown in. They will be the

Ultimate Destruction Set or UDS for short. This Slideshow features my new pistol, since I am stopping my revolver project until I have plans for it. This will feature the KDP Single shot pistol with comfy handlepowerful and sleek (maybe not too sleek) trigger and a handsome body. It has incredibly high power , zero friction, so the bullets are smaller than the barrel, and front loading *not very proud of* I have not tested, but hearing it shoot and hit something then rebound across the room 6-8 times, I am sure this is powerful.

That was long. Now some pictures. If you want me to post, I will soon along with a video to show its power. The pictures tell you all about the gun. Thats why I didn't write anything up here.

My new pictures won't upload, if you can see them te first one has the rod ends the things that look like gears on the handle.



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     you can make more power by putting a rubber band under the back white rode that goes across the barrel.  Just an idea.  I do that with my guns and it shoots like 10 times better

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     This gun is almost obsolete I have made larger weapons but have not the time to show people or make slideshows.

    you could make the trigger more solid by simply using just a grey connector attached to the red.

    I think this needs more work on it first, but looks good! I say it needs some work because at the moment there is an abundance of single shots just like this one! A mag could be added without limiting it's diversity. For instance my LOSA pistol has a blue rod mag, but is compatible with all rods in single-fire mode, even green/white ones, and can take grey sniper bullets too! Also, maybe you could add some side panels too, to increase strength.
    (also weren't you the guy who had that argument with DJ Radio about how you wouldn't post stuff unless it was new and innovative?)

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    The point of this was being a gun o shoot my ammo, since i hink DJ or Oblivitus wanted one to bring to school to shoot people. So i posted this. But, making a mag for it would totally screw up the low friction barrel, the bullets would be rubbing against each other and that would make the range a lot less lower. Guess how long it took me to make this?

    You said you wanted to make a mini gun to shoot at people in school wheni posted my rounds.

    NIce avatar. Where did your name come from? P.S. I saw this thing at gamestop and it was this Guitar hero DJ thingy with a disc and buttons. Its awesome.

    The avatar is actually the logo of an upcoming game, called "DJ Hero", basically, its guitar hero with rap music in it.

    At the front, the yellow piece bends a bit making it lock on the rod,preventing it slipping out!

    Doesn't count as a bullet lock unless you load it up and point it down,then the ammo stays in the gun.

    KM: ,preventing it slipping out
    DJ:Doesn't count as a bullet lock unless you load it up and point itdown,then the ammo stays in the gun

    When I mean preventing it slipping out! IT MEANS IT STAYS INSIDE THE GUN!!!!!!!!

    WEll, I typed it wrong, and if you checked I gave you 5* i wassidetracked because I was typing on a block trigger which was highlyrated. Sorry mate. The point was to guess how long