Introduction: UFO Hoax Picture

Picture of UFO Hoax Picture

Make You Very Own U.F.O. Sighting With Photoshop!

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:
A Camera
UFO (Metal Bowl Works Great)
Area in The Middle of Nowhere
A Computer With PhotoShop

Step 2: Take Pictures

Picture of Take Pictures

Take Pictures of the background and your "UFO"

Step 3: Time for Some PHOTOSHOPING!

Picture of Time for Some PHOTOSHOPING!

Upload the Photos Onto Your Computer to begin editing
1: Crop the background from the UFO
2: Fine tune the cropping (be careful and patient. zoom in if it helps)
3:Add UFO to Background
4:Adjust size and position as necessary
5:(optonal) add motion blur for more realisticness

Step 4: Done

Picture of Done

You'v got Yourself a UFO Sighting!


pinkmonkey (author)2009-06-02

im a noob for saying this but how do u add photos to the thing so u can see it and do all that croping stuff plees reply

digitech (author)pinkmonkey2009-06-02

to import is easy: method 1: drag and drop. take the image and plunk it into the middle of the program. Mehod 2: on image Method 3: in photoshop, click file in the toolbar, on the dropdown menu, click "open.." and select the image from your files. hope this helps! :)

pinkmonkey (author)digitech2009-06-03

oh and how do you fine crop? pleese reply anyone can reply

pinkmonkey (author)pinkmonkey2009-06-03

i mean fine tune

pinkmonkey (author)pinkmonkey2009-06-03

no i found out how to fine tune now i nedd how to put the ufo on the background

digitech (author)pinkmonkey2009-06-03

on the ufo image window, ure the marqee tool, (the dashed line box) and draw one around your ufo. then click file, copy. then double click on the background window to bring it foward. then go to file, paste. use the move tool to resize and position your ufo hope this helps!

pinkmonkey (author)digitech2009-06-04

i didnt use ur way i foung out that he used the erasor so i did here it is

digitech (author)pinkmonkey2009-06-07

nice looks good :)

pinkmonkey (author)digitech2009-06-12


pinkmonkey (author)digitech2009-06-03

i love you
that was really helpful

berky93 (author)2009-02-14

nice. is that really photoshop youre using? it looks so...awesome. very un-photoshop.

digitech (author)berky932009-02-16

the version of photoshop I'm using is photoshop elements six.

berky93 (author)digitech2009-02-16

oh. why does photoshop elements have better visual appeal than regular photoshop?! :(

skrubol (author)berky932009-04-30

PSE is aimed at amateur photographers and new users, whereas PS is aimed at pros. For pros, functionality, and version to version consistency (some have been using PS for a decade or more,) trump ease of use and prettiness. PSE is pretty and easy to attract new users and people who don't want to spend hours and hours (weeks, months?) learning how to get the most out of their photo editor.

berky93 (author)skrubol2009-04-30

I dont know about that. I think PSE is aimed at users who only need to touch-up photographs, adjust hue/saturation, brightness, crop, etc. regular PS is for users create and modify images past general retouching

digitech (author)berky932009-06-02

there is photoshop CS4 which is aimed at the "prosumers" so there isnt a need to simplify and make the interface more prettyful however, PSE has a quick and easy interface for the more average user

digitech (author)berky932009-02-16

well, adobe is constantly putting out better versions of photoshop, they all ready made Photoshop Seven and they also released CS4

berky93 (author)digitech2009-02-16

yeah. I actually like cs3 better than cs4.

berky93 (author)berky932009-02-15

oh yeah, adding some lens blur helps make it more realistic. only a little bit, like in an old photograph. and while in the lens blur dialog, increase the noise a little to make it look grainy. I made a picture using that technique, I think it worked out really well:

berky93 (author)berky932009-02-15

(sorry didnt upload to the last comment correctly)

digitech (author)berky932009-02-16

Here is another one i made w/ film grain and b/w "UFO's" in top left corner

berky93 (author)digitech2009-02-16

looks good, although something seems off about the ufos. maybe the lighting. still, its a picture of ufos, so its never going to be perfectly realistic.

digitech (author)berky932009-02-16

thanks, also I forgot to adjust the lighting because the background is backlit while the ufo's lightsource is at the front

berky93 (author)digitech2009-02-16

yeah. luckily for me all I had to do was flip the ufo picture I had horizontally because it was lighted from the side but the wrong side.

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