Picture of UFO LED Lamp
One day while walking in the street, I saw this "UFO LED Lamp" in the display of a lightning shop, and fel in love instantly with it.
Usually, lights ... well, actually, there are so many shapes for lights, that there is no rule, but I'm pretty sure that before LEDs (at an affordable price) came into the picture, lights were big. Not big big, but certainly not flat.

Now with LEDs, a lights can be fairly small, and flat, but this light that I saw in a store's display window was for me the first one that really used the possibility to make a light flat, not just to win space, but to create an effect that I will describe as follow: "to create light from nowhere".
Since I was so attracted by this light, knowing that I had no "need" of it, and that the price tag would everything but flat, I decided to try to reproduce it myself.

This might be my first instructable, but I've always loved to look at other peoples creations here since a friend of mine gave me the link to his own first instructable (Multi-purpose-holder-from-kitchen-whisk ), and I hope this one won't turn out too bad.
nodoubtman2 months ago
Phil, what is your power supply and current rating
Goudla (author)  nodoubtman2 months ago
The AC adapter specifies 24VDC 6VA, but since the adapter came with the LED strand, I could not have got wrong.
Right now the lamp is leaning against a wall so there is no aesthetic issue with the AC adapter, but if some day it goes horizontal, maybe I'll change for something more flat. Until then, I really prefer keeping the original hardware.
saulin19652 years ago
muy bueno, con que voltaje trabaja la lampara ... graias
teodor4ik4 years ago
actually everything is much much easyer... but much more expensive... tip u need CNC and neon light around.
--I can forsee an RGB version in my future!!!
Nice work!!!
oooooh, with several different 'zones' and an arduino controller......many many possibilities,,,,,,,

sound responsive, animated, changing color to a 'RED ALERT'

so much fun to be had with this
tinker2344 years ago
oh wow i need to make one of those
pashanoid4 years ago
That last picture, where it "hovers" is especially impressive. Great instructable, thanks!