This little novelty UFO light is sure to get a lot of attention! This is a UFO desk/table lamp. Made on the lathe from Walnut, Maple and Oak. It has 8 LED's around the perimeter of the disk. The LED's came from hacking up a dollar store flash-light. I used the switch as well, from the flashlight. I used an old cell phone battery to power the unit. and The Universal charger I won from the Green design contest has charged it successfully! Thanks instructables I really like that handy little device.

As far as my electrical knowledge goes, I can wire a house, do minute repairs on automobiles. I really and truly know nothing about electronics and circuits and boards, so please forgive my crude electrical work, terminology and soldering skills.

Step 1: Grab some wood!

I had to glue up some stock to make the blanks for this UFO. The saucer disk blank should be 9"x9"x1" and the cockpit should be about 4"x4"x3".
The saucer disk will be attached to the lathe using the worm drive screw. The cockpit will be mounted to the 3" face-plate.
Very well done. If only I had a lathe...
you can get a used one pretty cheap... keep your eyes peeled on craigs list. the wood lathes sell as quick as they are posted. :) <br>
Looking good and could also be modded to make a great solar outdoor light.
yes, it could :) then, you would have to remember to use an out-door finish. <br>Thanks
Maybe incorporate this as a bubble bottom. Pet Peek Porthole. <br> <br>http://tinyurl.com/mmon8x5 <br>
That bubble window look a bit large. :-D <br>but, Maybe a gumball machine container...
This is just awesome :). What a beautiful curvy thing :). One small suggestion. Instead of open LEDs, there can be a engraved lining around the edges where you can tuck the LED strip lights and then cover the lining with may a plastic strip or something, so that the light looks soothing. <br>
lol we think alike! I was already looking at ways to make a new better design. and this was one of my concerns. :) <br>Thanks Tarun <br>
very nice
Very nice job !! But you need a couple of carved aliens under it ....hehe!
LOL I rummaged through my daughters &quot;little people&quot; crate to try to find a cow. lol <br>But its funny you said that, I am trying to figure out a way to put a window on the cockpit with a little alien head and make it lit up as well. I'm thinking an old watch bezel would work. <br>
The cow would be really funny, especially if you could &quot;levitate&quot; it ...
little fishing line! :) <br>
or magnet then you can tap it with your finger and watch it rotate in the magnetic field :)
oh by the way that is some Harry arms you got there on "Step 6", might want to get that looked at. :)
Yeah, its weird. that flare-up usually occurs during a spell of euphoria. :-D <br>
love the work you did. I would not worry about a cockpit. love it the way it is. maybe an alien standing next to it would be cool.
Thanks! Yeah, I gotta find a little alien for it.
So cool! I love outerspace!!!! And space ships! Great job! <a href="http://pizzathursdays.tumblr.com">(have you seen my space-age-instructables-themed-pizza gifs)</a>
LOL! Those are very very cool! <br>Thanks! <br>

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