Woohoo! Made the top 12 again this year.

Check out my video and the other finalists and let me know what you think....


Last year I assembled my first Ugly Christmas Sweater entitled "Stuck in the Chimney". My love for building costumes around Halloween, slightly spilled into the festive season. My efforts in 2012 won me $5000 cash in a local radio contest.

This year, I'm at it again with a totally new concept, one that I hope will help me defend my UGLY SWEATER title.

I've been sitting on this concept for some time, and I have been gathering supplies for a couple of  weeks. Most of the materials for this project are thrift store finds or dollar store purchases. The budget is extremely low compared to Halloween, and the potential reward is higher than any of the costume contests I've entered. Yee hah!

If you're planning a build like this, get to your local thrift store before Halloween is over. You wouldn't believe how fast all of the Christmas stuff disappears after November 1st.

My sweater this year is called "Tipping the Ladder". Everyone has experience that moment when you try to cap the crown of the tree with that final adornment, and it's just out of your reach. This sweater is and ode to that moment in your Christmas past or your Christmas future. Careful..............

T'was the night before Christmas
And stuck in a tree
Was a man with a glue gun
And too much time that was free

His intentions were good
But ugly seemed to be better
And when the glue dried
That tree was a sweater

Atop of the Ladder
After leaping the train
Santa reached with a star
And failed to regain

His balance was skewed
And what could be badder?
Than Jolly Saint Nick
Tipping the Ladder

Update Dec 22nd 2013

The winner is......

Step 1: Materials

What you'll need to build something ridiculous like this:
  1. Support from people around you. Most of my friends and family know that I'm crazy and fully support this behaviour.
  2. 1 green sweater - preferably stretchy
  3. 1 glue gun with an infinite supply of glue (if you can work a needle and thread, go for it)
  4. 1 tree skirt
  5. 1 toy train set - circumference of the assembled track is key
  6. A Large random supply of ornaments from the thrift store or dollar store
  7. 1 ladder - home made or found
  8. Christmas Lights and accessories - dollar store
  9. 1 Santa doll
  10. 1 creepy doll - from the thrift store or your private collection
  11. Something to build the internal support for the sweater - chicken wire maybe?? I used some random plastic strapping
  12. Cotton stuffing
  13. 1 half sheet of 1/4 plywood
<p>Just found it on Bored Panda. This the best I've seen in years. Brilliant! Epic!</p>
not ugly. awesome. it must be hard to keep the train running after a few eggnogtinis... voted!
Epic. Voted.
You have my vote for sure! It looks awesome!
Very, very cool. And actually, not ugly in my opinion. Just saying....
Thanks so much! It's funny that I try to win Ugly sweater contests and people don't find it ugly! I'll take the compliment.
WOW! Great job - quite extreme!
Thanks Holly!
Excellent build! I agree, a true abomination of a Christmas sweater must be built. And you have really done an excellent job with this one!
Thanks!! I'm glad you agree!
To bad I JUST went to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party! I wish I would have seen this.
I love it--got my vote! Good luck in the contest!
awesome ugly sweater is like the masterpiece of the ugly sweaters . good luck :)
I don't think it is ugly. I think it is extremely awesome. Good luck in the contest. I can see why you suggested it.
This is just cute, cute awesomeness. Thanks for sharing!
Great job, Mr. Noack! I was going to enter this contest, but now I feel truly daunted :) Well done!
It is ugly!!! But is also pretty funny!
Thanks! Mission accomplished.
10/10. The cat lady sweater I'm making can't compare to this, ha!
I'm sure it will at least be a 9.9/10 then. Can't wait to see it!

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