Introduction: ULTIMATE Lego Butterfly Knife

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This is a lego butterfly knife that does tricks. And it's surprisingly fun.

Step 1: Bricks

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3 1x16s (with holes)
4 1x14s (with holes)
12 1x4s
2 4x6 plates
2 smooth round axles

Step 2: "Blade" and Axles

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Get the three 1x16s and put them together so the middle one sticks up 1 stud then put the axles in the bottom two holes.

Step 3: Handle

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Get the 1x14s and put them on the axles.

Step 4: Weights

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Get the 1x4s then cover the plates with them then put the plates on the handles.

Step 5: Your Done!

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Have some fun and try new tricks!


die potato (author)2013-11-14

What r u talking about?

MIK3 H (author)2013-11-11

Very cool Lego stuff u have jsmith! I am commenting here, for you asked me to post instructions for my b23r. I am here to tell you I cannot sadly, post the instructions :( I'll tell you why. 1st, (believe it or not) the whole "b23r" is all my design which in fact means I have to pull it apart and put it back together for the instructions. 2nd, I have super glued some pieces which will make it impossible to take apart. For these main reasons, I cannot post the instructions. Sorry :(. However!, with the correct color/variation of Legos, based off of my pictures, you might be able to create such a piece as I did. Again, sorry

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