Today we going to make an ULTRASONIC RADAR, we will be using the Arduino IDE to make the sketch for receive the data of the ultrasonic sensor and to send instructions to our servomotor. The Processing program is to make the image that it will be seen by the radar and make an animation of it.

Step 1: Materials

You will need this materials:


-Any type of Arduino

-HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor

-Base mount for the ultrasonic sensor


-Jumper wires

-Any type of computer with Arduino IDE & Processing program

Step 2: Arrange the Connections Between the Arduino, the Servo and the Ultrasonic Radar, As Is Shown Below.

Connect the ultrasonic sensor as GND to GND, Echo to PIN 11, Trig PIN 10, Vcc to 5v, then the servo motor connect it in the order of the BROWN cable to the GND. the RED cable to 5v and the YELLOW cable to PIN 12 of the Arduino.

Step 3: Upload the Arduino Code

Step 4: Upload Processing Code

the only thing that we need to change is the size of the screen.

Step 5: Connect the Arduino to Your Computer and Run the Code.

Step 6: (optiona) Make a Case for the ULTRS-RADAR

You can use an old plastic pencil case, I cut some holes with a DREMEL tool, I cut one rectangle for the servo motor, another hole for see what is inside and a hole to connect the USB cable to the Arduino.

Step 7:

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