Introduction: UMD Holder

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This instructable shows you how to create a lego UMD holder

Step 1: Parts

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lego you need
1#base (any colour)
4# 2 by 2 thick blocks (matching colour)
2# 2 by 10 thin blocks (matching colour)
4# 1 by 2 thick blocks (matching colour)
2# 1 by 10 thin blocks (matching colour)
7# 1 by 6 thick blocks (matching colour if posible)
1# 1 by 8 thick block
4# 1 by 4 thick blocks (matching colour if possible)
1# 2 by 4slanted block

Step 2: Base and Beginning

Picture of Base and Beginning

start with you base laid flat. Place 2 by 2 block six spaces away from other 2 by 2 block. On top of those two put 2 by 10 thin block.Do same thing 8 sp aces away.It should look like picture.

Step 3: Higher Sides and Back

Picture of Higher Sides and Back

place 1 by 2 thick block on 2 by 10 thin block as in pic. On top of those put 1 by 10 thin block(red in pic)
the back is made from two 1 by 6 thick blocks(I used yellow to be clear,try make the holder out of one or two colours) and the 1 by 8 thick block.Place the two (yellow in pic) 1 by 6 blocks behind and the 1 by 8 on top.(pic is seen from behind to make it easier for you to see.)

Step 4: The Insides

Picture of The Insides

Facing frontwards again, place the 1 by 6 thick blocks(white in pic) 1 space apart and one space either side of block.(see pic, there are more blocks to come in but I needed to show you their place.)

Step 5: More Guts

Picture of More Guts

Now for the top peices.(I have put them in grey so they stand out) Just put them on top of the insides. Simple.You can see I have put the other insides mentioned in previous pic into place.

Step 6: Last But Not Least

Picture of Last But Not Least

Put the last blocks into place, as the grey ones. then for the front.on top of the furthest forward 1 by 6 block place the 2 by 4 thick slanted block.

Step 7: Thatz It

Picture of Thatz It

You're done.You like it? Comments are greatfully accepted.If you think there are flaws in the design, please say.This is my first instructable.If you have more games(which I do)all you have to do is extend athe front and sides. That is the basic design.


scho026 (author)2009-10-17

WOW! this really worked for me! I was looking for an instructable for a DECENT umd rack and this sold me right away! THX!

This is AMAZING, great Instructable.

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