UNDERTALE Asriel Dreemurr's Swords!





Introduction: UNDERTALE Asriel Dreemurr's Swords!


You might have seen my Asriel Dreemurr Cosplay that I posted not long ago. If you are wondering how I made the Chaos Sabers to go along with the costume, then you've come to the right place!

I have made 3 versions of these swords. There is a cardboard version which is the cheapest and fastest way to make the life sized swords. The next version was almost identical to the first, but with foam core board. These ended up looking much more professional in the end. The final version was a 3D modeled version of the swords. They are rounded for safety and to make them more rigid.

Lets get started!

Step 1: The Cardboard Swords

This method can be used for almost any shape of sword, and is very easy to do. This process is very messy, so I suggest doing it in an open area that would be easy to clean afterwards.

You will need:

- Cardboard

- Acrylic paints (Silver and Black)

- Hot glue (a ton of it!)


To begin, sketch the outline of your sword onto a flat sheet of cardboard. You will need to do this four times (Two per sword), and a stencil will help a lot. I didn't have a very good reference image at the time (Image 7) so I just drew it how I thought It would look in real life. Once you've drawn the shape four times, you can hot glue two pieces together. Sealing the edges of the cardboard with hot glue makes it look nicer, but this is optional. Any other details can be hot glued on at this point. I decided to put a delta rune symbol on the handle, but you can do whatever you want.

Once you've finished gluing everything together, you can begin painting. The more layers you do of paint, the better. Don't forget to add the black details on the end of the blade. The reference image isn't very clear, but you can see the shape of it if you look hard enough.

Once the paint is dry, you are done!

Step 2: The Foam Core Swords

Making the swords with foam core board is almost exactly the same as using cardboard. All you have to do is draw out the shape of the swords four times onto a sheet of foam core board and glue them together in pairs. I used liquid glue to glue them together because it was much easier than using a hot glue gun. I modified the shape slightly from the cardboard version (Picture 2) because I didn't like the shape of the handles. Other than that, the design is pretty much identical.

Painting is the same too, but I decided to coat the entire thing in glossy Mod Podge because it made it much smoother. This step isn't necessary, but it will make it look much more realistic.

Once the paint and Mod Podge have dried, you are done!

Step 3: The 3D Printed Swords

The last version of the Chaos sabers is the 3D model! All you have to do is print the model and sand, then paint them. This was one of the easiest ones to make, assuming you have access to a 3D printer.

Step 4: Conclusion

These Chaos sabers were a lot of fun to make, and they worked great for cosplaying! I hope you enjoy making them too if you try! If you do end up making one of these, let me know by clicking "I made it!." Be sure to check out my other instructable if you haven't yet. It describes how I made the rest of the Asriel Dreemurr cosplay. It can be found here.

Thanks for reading!




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    wow this is relly helpful, thanks!

    Thank you! I'm glad you think so!