In this instructable i will show you how to carve a pumpkin underwater.  Although it seems like a simple task there are a few tricks to make it easier.

Step 1: What You Will Need

For carving a pumpkin underwater you will need:

- a pumpkin
- pen, or marker
- Knife or pumpkin carving kit
- 1-2 bricks or extra lead weights
- (optional) collection bag

and of course scuba gear, unless you can hold your breath for over 2 minutes.

I thought about using my dive knife but its not really suited for cutting out details or curves.
<p>Where we go diving they do not allow you to do anything to your pumpkin above water. So you can not draw on your pumpkin or remove the lid before getting in the water. I used 12 Lb. of lead weight and my pumpkin was still really buoyant.</p><p>Here is the video of my first time underwater pumpkin carving. </p><p><a href="http://friendlyoctopusscuba.com/post-format-video/2014-underwater-pumpkin-carving-haigh-quarry/" rel="nofollow">http://friendlyoctopusscuba.com/post-format-video/2014-underwater-pumpkin-carving-haigh-quarry/</a></p>
Do the guts of the pumpkin float as well after being scraped out? This would make the cleanup process MUCH easier! Genius!
i used to carve pumpkins under water but then i took an arrow to the knee
&gt;mfw I saw the title.
As a child, each Halloween that passed I always thought to myself, how would I go about carving a pumpkin under water? I always knew you needed a knife and a pumkin but how would I be able to breathe underwater while carving? now that I read your post I figured out what I was missing...scuba gear! Thank you so much, I'm going to drag my young children to the ocean next halloween and carve pumpkins as a family under water together!
because i could. Im not the first person to do it either. It was also halloween day. would you carve a pumpkin in space if you had the chance?
no. if im in space ive got better things to do.
That is as crazy as my aunt trying to cook while standing on her head!
They had that up here in Washington, except they even had the gutting under the water.
i thought about gutting it underwater, but i was trying to make the underwater part quick since i only had 1000psi left and had never carved underwater before. Also I didnt want to make a huge mess.
Really cool post<br>I often wondered how this was done. Thanks I'm gonna try this right away.

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