Picture of UNO Bootloader In Circuit Programmer $1

So this Lazy Old Geek (LOG) built an In Circuit Programmer to install the bootloader on to blank Atmega328 chips. So I did an Instructable:

Problem: Now this worked pretty good but it’s based on Lady Ada bootloader and Arduino has come out with a new UNO bootloader. It’s supposed to be smaller and faster. I’m not really sure how it compares to the Lady Ada. But I’m a Geek so I want the latest.
Solution1: Well, the first thing I tried was to get the UNO bootloader hex files into my script. Alas, no success. The problem is that most of my pde file was taken off the Internet and I don’t really understand a lot of it. I am OLD!!

 Solution: Well, I did some Internet searching and found something called optiloader:

Now this looked pretty good and here’s the code:

My thanks to Bill Westfield for writing this. 

 Okay, so I breadboarded this up and it works great. But it’s pretty sparsely documented and as many Instructablers know, I like details. So I decided to convert my first ICP to this one and document it. I am not good at point-to-point designs so I created a schematic and added some features.


ok good over

theengine2r2 years ago
Is this method work for the Atmega8??
msuzuki777 (author)  theengine2r2 years ago
I don't have any Atmega8s but as far as I can tell it should work fine.

ringai2 years ago
Nice job!
msuzuki777 (author)  ringai2 years ago