So this Lazy Old Geek (LOG) built an In Circuit Programmer to install the bootloader on to blank Atmega328 chips. So I did an Instructable:

Problem: Now this worked pretty good but it’s based on Lady Ada bootloader and Arduino has come out with a new UNO bootloader. It’s supposed to be smaller and faster. I’m not really sure how it compares to the Lady Ada. But I’m a Geek so I want the latest.
Solution1: Well, the first thing I tried was to get the UNO bootloader hex files into my script. Alas, no success. The problem is that most of my pde file was taken off the Internet and I don’t really understand a lot of it. I am OLD!!

 Solution: Well, I did some Internet searching and found something called optiloader:

Now this looked pretty good and here’s the code:

My thanks to Bill Westfield for writing this. 

 Okay, so I breadboarded this up and it works great. But it’s pretty sparsely documented and as many Instructablers know, I like details. So I decided to convert my first ICP to this one and document it. I am not good at point-to-point designs so I created a schematic and added some features.

Step 1: Features and Parts List

This In Circuit Programmer has the following features:

Programs the UNO Optiboot bootloader for the Atmega328 and Atmega168.

    This is the version in Arduino IDE 1.0.1 environment.

Will program the Atmega328P-PU and the older Atmega328-PU.

   I had trouble with this in previous attempts.

Once the script is loaded, it takes about 3 seconds to bootload each Atmega.

Removes power from IC once it’s complete so chip can be safely removed.

Shows status of Red for fail and Green for good.

Can be used standalone with an Arduino power supply.


The parts list is the similar to my first ICP with a couple of additions

Parts List:

PCB I used a hunk of the following:

          5* Breadboard Bread Board Prototype 432 Points 5*7cm

            $1.39 ebay

28 pin IC socket

          $0.06 Taydaelectronics.com

2 1.2K resistors

2 22pF capacitors $0.01@ Taydaelectronics.com

1 16MHz crystal $0.07 Taydaelectronics.com

1 red LED

1 green LED

1 pushbutton

Male header pins

          About $0.25 Taydaelectronics.com

I am assuming you already have an Arduino Duemilanove or clone. I haven’t updated prices but it’s probably still about $1.00

<p>ok good over</p>
Is this method work for the Atmega8??
I don't have any Atmega8s but as far as I can tell it should work fine. <br> <br>LOG
Nice job!

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