This is the main character Carl from the kids movie UP.  Its cheap and easy to make plus its a costume most people know that also stands out in a crowd.  

Step 1: Materials

 For materials I used a box, paper mache, faux fur (hair), paint, paint sticks (frame for glasses), electrical tape, chicken wire, wire cutters, masking tape, wiffel balls (eyes), wood glue, and went to a thrift store for the outfit.
Thank you so much, my son win the 1st place compation
This is so cool
Thanks for the instructable. My wife made this for my <br>son with your help.
<p>wow, awesome job. That looks better than my Carl. Im glad my instructable could help you. Very nice work.</p><p>Will</p>
Should the faux fur be used on the back of the box?
No, paper mache needs 24 hours to dry
Think I could do this In a day
Thank you for this tutorial it was the talk of the night. My daughter,wife and I worked on it all week and last night at a halloween party everybody wanted to take pictures and saying how nice it was.Must of took like forty pictures last night lol..thank u so much again.Also wanted to mention i also couldnt find faux fur so i went to walmart and got a regular pillow for $2.50 and use the inside for the hair. I also added the grape soda pin on the coat which my daughter made and glued a bike helmet($2.00 @ goodwill store) inside to make my movements more stable which worked to perfection. Thank u again from all of us here.
I am making this for Halloween this year! Where did you buy the faux fur? How much did you find you needed? I couldn't find the same paint colors you used but I found some flesh looking ones. I have everything I need except box, fur, electrical tape and cane with tennis balls! Any help or suggestions would be awesome!!
I bought the fur at Joann fabrics. They actually ran out but a lady waiting in line over heard me talking and gave me hers. I only needed about a yard of fur. You should measure your box first to be safe. <br><br>As far as the paint colors go. I just randomly picked fleshy colors so dont worry about that. <br><br>Suggestions: the fur is the most difficult to find. Go to any fabric store asap. They sell boxes and electrical tape at home depot. Also ask for paint stirrers there. They are free and the lady working gave me 10 for free. As far as the cane goes you can use pvc pipe or cardboard dowels which are also sold at home depot. I had a friend that was a nurse so she grabbed one for me at her hospital. You can also search thrift shops and second hand stores for canes. I have seen them before there. Go to the salvation army and buy a brown 10$ suit to wear. Iparty for balloons and search for a promo code for balloon sales. You should be all set if you fall the instruct able. <br><br>Thanks for viewing mine, Good luck.
Great! Thank you! I did remember to get the paint sticks at lowes improvement. I will work today at getting the fur. Joann had some but they seems too beige tinted. Thanks for your help! I hope it comes out somewhat decent. Ha
<p>I truly cannot thank you enough for this tutorial! I made it for my son and went to the Trick or Treating night at Disneyland and we couldnt even walk far before people stopped us to ask if they could take pictures with him. I had never used chicken wire before and I only had 5 days to make it. </p><p>I made the spliter costume as well, once my son saw your instructables he like carl and there i went. <br>Thank you!!!! </p>
You made me so happy!! this is awesome. I am glad you chose to make Carl. and by the way, you did a perfect build. <br><br>I also was attacked by photographers!! I walked around in a parade on halloween day and was mobbed by children. They stole all of my balloons! lol.<br><br>I actually had no idea how to build costumes or any idea that the website &quot;instructables&quot; existed before i built Carl. I just ventured off to home depot and found items that would work. Im glad I made a DIY project with it. The fact that you followed my step by step made it completely worth while and made me genuinely happy. So thank you.<br><br>I hope building became infectious with you like it did with me. I cant find time to make a build this year. after Carl, my builds grew from weeks to months and now I cant even find time to build for 2 days. Its rather upsetting. Anyway, your email made my hours of building 100% purposeful. THANK YOU
<p>how did you shape the chin? In that picture you can't see very well</p>
so it was just your head in the mask? did it slide all around and did you have to hold it all night?
Ya, it was just my head and a big open box. I made the costume last minute. usually I would stuff the head with bubble wrap and secure it with a tape or glue. The box was big enough so that it rested on my shoulders all day so it was too bothersome.
sorry, i meant Wasn't too bothersome
the balloons were a nice touch. :)
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can&rsquo;t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
This Looks Awesome.Thanks for Sharing. I just finished making a big Guinea Pig head for my son's costume and kept thinking I should have use some sort of wire mesh. Do you think thinner mesh ( like wire mosquito screen) will be modable and hold the shape?
I have never used mosquito screen. The aluminum mosquito screens that I have on my house are older and after looking at them I dont think they would be suitable for large heavy projects. The chicken wire that I used is galvanized and much stronger than what I need it for, I just use it because you can mold it easily and it would almost always hold form. I actually have dropped Carl's head several times over Halloween and he is fine, just needs some touch ups. Also, I really just need the wire to hold form until the paper mache dries. If you use a few layers, especially with paper towel strips, the sculpt will be solid. For my splinter costume I actually removed the chicken wire once It was finished drying. I know home depot also carries chicken wire in different sizes and lengths so you can find some close to the size of the mosquito screen. I hope this helps,
This is the best costume ever! It's adorable! Now you need a little Russell to go with it :)
could borrow a boy scout lol <br>
looks great btw ;-)
Great job! It came out great. Good job finding inexpensive materials.
Thanks for the comments, I appreciate all of them <br>
This is awesome! ... I like it. How much did it end up weighting?
The head weighs between 5 and 6 lbs. Its seems heavy but the box inside of it was a the right size to rest on my shoulders so the weight wasn't a big factor.
Great job!
Great work... you really pulled it off! <br>
laughed so hard almost peed my pants
So good! You should enter this in the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Scoochmaroo-Challenge-Masks/">Masks Challenge</a> too!&nbsp;
Super cute! Nice job!!
What a great costume! I showed my whole family your instructable, and they love it! The tennis balls on the walker feet really top it off. Super!!!
i love it
That is great! Awesome job putting it all together!

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