Picture of UP: Carl the Old Man Costume

This is the main character Carl from the kids movie UP.  Its cheap and easy to make plus its a costume most people know that also stands out in a crowd.  
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
 For materials I used a box, paper mache, faux fur (hair), paint, paint sticks (frame for glasses), electrical tape, chicken wire, wire cutters, masking tape, wiffel balls (eyes), wood glue, and went to a thrift store for the outfit.

Step 2: Foundation

Picture of Foundation
To start I found a box big enough to fit over my head and rest on my shoulders.  A box works well because the basic shape of Carls head is square.  I covered the sides and top with chicken wire leaving a round edge for Carls big chin.  Chicken wire works well because it is easy to shape and mold plus its strong.  Then I covered everything in masking tape because the paper mache wont stick to the wire but works well with the tape.  leave a hole for the nose, ears, and a ridge across his face for the eye brows.  Be careful when cutting the chicken wire, sharp edges can form and may prick you.

Step 3: Ears

Picture of Ears
I molded the ears out of chicken wire and attached them to the sides of the head.  To attach them I just spun the excess wire around the wire on the side of the head like bread ties.  Cover it in masking tape.

Step 4: Nose

Picture of Nose
just like the ears, I made the nose out of chicken wire and attached it to the wire around the box where his nose should be.  I spun the excess wire around the cage like bread ties again. The nose should be oval and once its attached just squash it down a little bit.  Then cover it in masking tape.

Step 5: Details

Picture of Details
I drew out where his eyes and wrinkles should be using a pen.  For the wrinkles and eye brow ridge I took strips of masking tape and rolled them up into cords with the sticky side facing outside.  Then I placed them on the wrinkle lines and eye brow ridge to give the details some depth.
scott_pocket10 months ago
so it was just your head in the mask? did it slide all around and did you have to hold it all night?
wmorey37 (author)  scott_pocket10 months ago
Ya, it was just my head and a big open box. I made the costume last minute. usually I would stuff the head with bubble wrap and secure it with a tape or glue. The box was big enough so that it rested on my shoulders all day so it was too bothersome.
wmorey37 (author)  wmorey3710 months ago
sorry, i meant Wasn't too bothersome
the balloons were a nice touch. :)
poofrabbit1 year ago
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
auntylulu1 year ago
This Looks Awesome.Thanks for Sharing. I just finished making a big Guinea Pig head for my son's costume and kept thinking I should have use some sort of wire mesh. Do you think thinner mesh ( like wire mosquito screen) will be modable and hold the shape?
wmorey37 (author)  auntylulu1 year ago
I have never used mosquito screen. The aluminum mosquito screens that I have on my house are older and after looking at them I dont think they would be suitable for large heavy projects. The chicken wire that I used is galvanized and much stronger than what I need it for, I just use it because you can mold it easily and it would almost always hold form. I actually have dropped Carl's head several times over Halloween and he is fine, just needs some touch ups. Also, I really just need the wire to hold form until the paper mache dries. If you use a few layers, especially with paper towel strips, the sculpt will be solid. For my splinter costume I actually removed the chicken wire once It was finished drying. I know home depot also carries chicken wire in different sizes and lengths so you can find some close to the size of the mosquito screen. I hope this helps,
atyk1 year ago
This is the best costume ever! It's adorable! Now you need a little Russell to go with it :)
n1cod3mus atyk1 year ago
could borrow a boy scout lol
n1cod3mus1 year ago
looks great btw ;-)
MarkML1 year ago
Great job! It came out great. Good job finding inexpensive materials.
wmorey37 (author) 1 year ago
Thanks for the comments, I appreciate all of them
6monkeyRS1 year ago
This is awesome! ... I like it. How much did it end up weighting?
wmorey37 (author)  6monkeyRS1 year ago
The head weighs between 5 and 6 lbs. Its seems heavy but the box inside of it was a the right size to rest on my shoulders so the weight wasn't a big factor.
blanchae1 year ago
Great job!
askjerry1 year ago
Great work... you really pulled it off!
Arghus1 year ago
laughed so hard almost peed my pants
So good! You should enter this in the Masks Challenge too! 
poofrabbit1 year ago
Super cute! Nice job!!
zowi4201 year ago
What a great costume! I showed my whole family your instructable, and they love it! The tennis balls on the walker feet really top it off. Super!!!
i love it
That is great! Awesome job putting it all together!