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Introduction: UP3 Knex Gun

About: I paint, write music, and used to build knex guns. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art. - updated 5/7/2014


-Has all the power, reliability, etc of the UP2, but is thinner, takes less parts, has a stronger handle, and is much much simpler.
-In the areas where the UP2 was a yellow rod thick, the UP3 is only a white rod thick.
-Also uses no y-connectors or cut parts in this version.

-Can't hold as many elastics as the UP2 (but can still shoot through cardboard with unsharpened gray rods).

I'll make instructions sometime.



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    Looks awesome!!!! people need to understand thats its not all in the looks, its in how it works. And this thing has serious power. 5*

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    Thanks a lot Kev. I think some people look at this and think this type of gun is obsolete.

    reminds me of my modded up2

    TBH my favourite ss pistol still has to be my Magnum

    #note the version shown in the picture below is outclassed by the new version


    Looks somewhat flimsy, and the trigger a bit short, but a gun this small can shoot through cardboard? Nice.

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    I attach mine in at least 6, because 3 is often not enough to hold a gun together.

    The UP2 was better. The trigger was stronger. Also now the trigger block is too far forward to be considered a real performance gun. The farther back a pin is, the more momentum a pin gains when it travels.

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    It's only one connector further forward, haven't measured it, but still seems to get the same range. You're right about the trigger though, it can't hold as many elastics.

    Oh, and don't lecture me on pin momentum, everybody knows about that.

    Oh, and if you really wanted to, the trigger here could be made to hold as many elastics if you glue it.