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Introduction: UP3 Knex Pistol

About: I paint, write music, and used to build knex guns. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art. - updated 5/7/2014

The latest in a long series of reliable, tried and tested, single shot knex pistols.

The UP3 is simpler, thinner, sturdier, and requires less parts than it's predecessor with no change to it's function or range.

This is my choice battle weapon.

Fires yellow rods 45 feet. Holds one elastic.

Step 1: Handle

1: Build this.
2: Build this.
3: Build this.
4: Connect 2 and 3. (and add a gray rod as pictured)
5, 6: Connect 1 and 4. (and add two green connectors and a blue rod as pictured)

Step 2: Barrel

1, 2: Build this. (it's symmetrical)
3, 4: Build this. (it's symmetrical)
5: Build this. (it's symmetrical)
6: Connect 3, 4 and 5.
7: Connect 1 and 6.
8-10: Build this. (it's symmetrical)
11: Connect 7 and 8-10.

Step 3: Assembly

1, 2: Connect the handle to the barrel.

Step 4: Firing Rod, Elastics, and Barrel Tips

1: Build this.
2: Add duct tape and elastics as shown.
3: Add elastics as shown. Attach a blue, zero slot, connector to the firing rod in the noted location.
4: Attach barrel tips (acts like a funnel to make loading rods quicker and easier).

Step 5: Yer Dun!

Build another and play with a friend! Make sure to rate.



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    I made it hold 2 95mm x 3mm plastics and it will dent a deodorant can from about a meter

    7 replies

    I just read your orangeboard comment, lol. Yes, I took my profile photo out of its original context.

    Ah okay! =D How is the UNPOSTED Z3 coming along?

    I got stuck in the instructions. It's mostly done but I haven't worked on it for weeks. Sorry. I'll get it finished someday.

    I understand it's not surprising it looks like one hell of a gun! Good luck!

    I got stuck in the instructions. It's mostly done but I haven't worked on it for weeks. Sorry. I'll get it finished someday.

    Thanks! And as I said, this is my choice battle weapon.

    A wise one to! Oh and why is your profile picture... POKING me?!

    pics 8-10: is the black thing under the blue clip just before the 8 blue spacers a ball socket?

    5 replies

    yeah... i found out my self simply by inserting a grey rod in the back and seeing that it reaches exactly up there to clip in. nice gun, by the way. shoots 40 feet, no problem. relatively accurate, too.

    All right. And thanks. The best thing about it is that if you use it for a long time you'll notice the reliability is better than any other gun out there. The elastics and tape last months because of the design, the trigger won't slip, it won't misfire, pieces won't break off, etc... It's reliability is it's best feature.

    Yup lol. Also, i like the fact you can clip the bullet in before you take back the ram...

    Sorry about the lack of labeling. I just added a note to it.

    how do you add pieces like hinges, blue clips, ball joints etc. to mlcad? and how do you permanently keep a part, for instance, the Y-connector that you showed how to make, how do you save it as a part?