video UPDATED: AA-12 Shotgun! New Video!
I updated the AA-12 shotgun that I had posted for a while. I made a video with all of the info.
Link to old video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Puk4jMOlggc&feature=channel_page
The AA-12-The worlds most awsome gun, and my favourite! Good job again. Quality!
mole_meam3 years ago
but the shells in the magazine dosn't they have any function at all? btw nice job,.
DUDE!!! Bada$$!!!! 5 stars!
ne0h5 years ago
How do you make shell ejecting system?
dude completely, utterly and mind blowingly amazing wish i had ur carboard gun making skills i also wish i had some cardboard
 How did you make this?
Patented5 years ago
Nicely done! Ur very good!
Kaiven (author)  Patented5 years ago
Heheh.... You should see the revolver am making right now (woop woop!)
It's really cheap, but the concept I used has opened many, many new doors. I plan to make an almost working revolver/magnum later. Complete with hammer and fake shells.
yerjoking5 years ago
Hey, mind if I use your shotgun shell ejection mech for a M24 I'm working on? I know how it works, and it's actually really clever, yet simple.
Kaiven (author)  yerjoking5 years ago
Thanks :P And yeah, you can use it.
Articas5 years ago
what the song in the video
Kaiven (author)  Articas5 years ago
Corrosion by NightHawk22 on Newgrounds.com
ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
are those airsoft shells?
Kaiven (author)  ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
What's an airsoft shell?
they are fake bullets that hold one bb for certain airsoft guns, for realism
dude it would be so killer if you put a spring in the drum and made it so every time u pulled that cocking lever another shell from the drum popped out instead of having to put one in each time
Kaiven (author)  emotionalone176 years ago
I already tried stuff, but it is some complex mojo to mess with.
kevinray6 years ago
how did you made the shells pop out
Kaiven (author)  kevinray6 years ago
I am not sure I wish to tell anyone yet :P
kevinray Kaiven6 years ago
oh come on it's better telling than a tutorial for it
Kaiven (author)  kevinray6 years ago
I never said I would make a tutorial. Lol.
its kindof obvious.... butttt i wont tell anyone!
oh you don't have to tell me cause I already know
Chikara6 years ago
Make an m14, with cool flames on the barrel. Or... make a SASS ( or whatever it is called, its some kind of fancy sniper. ) with camo paint!
would make a killer movie prop
Kaiven (author)  Future filmaker6 years ago
Thanks! I would like to make another gun soon, but I am kinda stuck in a bad situation where I can't really do anything. I might even try a video game weapon.
Scupper6 years ago
It looks great, does it shoot anything? I'm looking for some hi-tech marshmallow gun designs.
Kaiven (author)  Scupper6 years ago
So no, doesn't shoot. I do plan on making a gun eventually with a pipe system inside, either for a single shot sniper that shoots massive ammo or an airsoft submachine gun.
hobzez6 years ago
howd u make ur shells?
Kaiven (author)  hobzez6 years ago
:P Make a cardboard circle the same dimensions as the base of a 12 gauge shell. Then just make a tube of cardboard and glue on the edge od the disk. I sprayed the backs gold, then placed red tape over he front equal to the amount of plastic on a shell.
hobzez Kaiven6 years ago
thanks brah
I think that one is better than your famas too. also, i would like to see a video of your pistols in action.
Kaiven (author)  Zthegreat15786 years ago
Pistols? You mean the Glock 17? It will be posted soon. It's not as good as the AA-12, but I love it as a pistol.
Flashflint6 years ago
What is the song?
Kaiven (author)  Flashflint6 years ago
Corrosion by... one sec (looks up name) NightHawk22 on New Grounds.
oniman76 years ago
I'm kind of confused. Is it just for looks, or does it shoot something, like airsoft BB's? That might be a cool mod.
Kaiven (author)  oniman76 years ago
I may have a way to make the models fire, but not yet. I want them to fire cardboard model bullets. May not be powerful, but I would like to make it work.
PKTraceur6 years ago
Sick! This is SCHWEET! I love the AA-12, measured by it's great looks, and fully automatic 12 gauge power! This is a great cardboard version! (You should add an inner circualr piece of cardboard, so the shells stay oriented in the correct direction, and they wont rumble around. -PKT
Kaiven (author)  PKTraceur6 years ago
Heh! I tried to make it a FULLY FUNCTIONAL drum magazine. My problem? The shells are life size. The cardboard could not be made thin enough like metal can, so the shells can't fit in straight. Thanks for the comment! I like ratings too :P
jakee117 Kaiven6 years ago
maybe the drum could be a cut open soda can...