UPDATED: Knex M1 Thompson





Introduction: UPDATED: Knex M1 Thompson

Got bored the other day and this happened.

Tell me what you think.



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    thompson tommygun are the same

    Nice gun but i think you have to make the mag longer

    That's Mr.Stealth's Stock From WII Winchester, Make Sure You Acknowledge Him.

    Doesn't completely look like one, but I can see where you are coming from. None the less, its still frickin awesome!

    Dude, you rule!!!
    Where were you all the time on ibles and why didn't I see you and your instructables?????????

    DESTROYED IT, all i have left is the handle sorry


    yesssssssssssssssss reasons why i destroyed it - 1 it didn't shoot very far, 2 it had a crappy stock (weak), 3 crappy firing pin, 4 bad trigger mech

    how far it shoots???????????????

    it shot something like 5-10 meters

    best thompson on the site! please post i really want to make it! 5.

    4 replies

    im afraid not, I dont have much time at the moment. Maybe later;) And im looking forward to your Bren light machine gun.

    i will give you a sneak peak... its got a true trigger, 8 round mag, comfy handle, trigger guard, bi pod and a strong stock. i will show pics maybe tommoro.

    what do you think of my thompson its (really)fully automatic.

    are u posting it? im posting a bren lmg soon