Got bored the other day and this happened.

Tell me what you think.
Looks like a Tommy Gun, all it needs is a fore grip. You get 5*
thompson tommygun are the same<br>
They sure are the same lol.
Nice gun but i think you have to make the mag longer<br>
That's Mr.Stealth's Stock From WII Winchester, Make Sure You Acknowledge Him.
Doesn't completely look like one, but I can see where you are coming from. None the less, its still frickin awesome!
Dude, you rule!!!<br /> Where were you all the time on ibles and why didn't I see you and your instructables?????????
post it!!!!
DESTROYED IT, all i have left is the handle sorry
yesssssssssssssssss reasons why i destroyed it - 1 it didn't shoot very far, 2 it had a crappy stock (weak), 3 crappy firing pin, 4 bad trigger mech
how far it shoots???????????????
it shot something like 5-10 meters<br />
looks nice.
best thompson on the site! please post i really want to make it! 5.
im afraid not, I dont have much time at the moment. Maybe later;) And im looking forward to your Bren light machine gun.
i will give you a sneak peak... its got a true trigger, 8 round mag, comfy handle, trigger guard, bi pod and a strong stock. i will show pics maybe tommoro.
what do you think of my thompson its (really)fully automatic.
are u posting it? im posting a bren lmg soon
Have you seen Trauts? His is pretty nice too.
its flimsy and preforms really bad. its not the best
The stock on the updated version of this one looks flimsy.
yeah it aint that strong, i might try making my own stock and not use KnexStealth's WW2 Springfield stock
ye it does a bit
And just because I can... Though his does have a stock and a better handle the whole front of his looks a little messy.
thats a pretty cool thompson

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