Hide your important computer files in plain sight!
You kids, your wife, not even that pesky burglar will know it's there.

This instructable will show you how to turn the dead UPS Power Backup into a discreet external hard drive for under $20.00!

Watch the video for the overview:

Step 1: Supplies

The supplies you'll need:

- Broken UPS with USB port
The one I used had a standard type B plug, but you can also use the type that have an RJ45 instead.

It doesn't have to be broken, but there usually isn't enough room inside for the battery plus the hard drive and USB converter PCB.

- Used laptop hard drive
Don't use one that is too large, as the single USB port may not be able to supply enough power.

I found a 20GB drive on Craig's list for about $10

- USB 2.0 Enclosure for 2.5" Laptop Hard Drive
I found one made by MSI at Micro Center for $9.99.

- Soldering Iron, OHM meter, screw driver, wire cutters, etc...
The only problem I'd have is that "pesky theves" tend to steal the UPS as well :P It would work better to put something like... inside your wall.
"The only problem I'd have is that "pesky theves" tend to steal the UPS as well :P It would work better to put something like... inside your wall." you know, thats not a bad idea!! rig up something like a usb-rj11 deal and wire a usb drive into the back of a phone jack plate, or something similar, nobody would be the wiser except the phone repairman when your wife-girlfriend-mistress-significant other calls about the phone jack not working ;)
Just get one of those two port/two line phone jacks, or the network/phone jacks. Actually it shouldn't be too hard afaik the pinout on a USB is four wires, and some phone jacks have the four wires (the cheaper ones just have two).
Been thinking of similar thing.. Hidden USB HD are easily accomplished these days with a Solid state drive (heating problems...i think not) ...rough idea... Place SSD inside a small container attached to standard electrical faceplate, you can get a USB to SATA cable online these days for less than $10US
ssd drives are hotter than normal drives in many situations...
hmm... in the wall...<br/>try this <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Hidden_USB_Storage/?ALLSTEPS">https://www.instructables.com/id/Hidden_USB_Storage/?ALLSTEPS</a><br/>
I like it
you knwow hat would be good make it with a Phone cable and the end that goes in the comp (usb) leave that as the phone jack and you can get those cheap phone jack things from !$ store add a USB cable to that and you know use that as a converter... so only you will have access to it if you know hat i mean i know i didnt explain it in a very good way hmmmm this calls for a instructable!!!! lol maybe my first?.. gotta get permission to make a big hole in the wall LOL maybe just put a random phone on top of your comp and hide the HDD in that no is gonan steal a crappy phone
There is an instructable that hides a usb drive in a wall phone jack box. https://www.instructables.com/id/Hidden-USB-Storage/
Actually theres a instructable on here somewhere that shows how you can use a Ethernet port/cable with USB or a Phone like as a USB very simple i think ab about to cut a hole in my wall and Install a Ethernet port! lol Sweet!!! !Peace from teh Middle East!
Yeah, that's because USB == 4 wires, Ethernet == 8 wires, phone == 4 wires. I don't know about Ethernet, but phone pushes 9v I think. Maybe 12 - I can't remember and can't be bothered to look it up so early in the morning.<br/><br/>YEah, it would be rather simple!<br/>
Be careful. The transformer could mess up the hard drive
Now i know where to look in someones house for there hard drive
I don't think having a hard drive in the same enclosure as a 120v transformer, wiring and electronics is a good idea. Very creative though.
nice idea...but it's kind of time wasting...you can do this much easy by putting a little USB hub after that built-in UPS's USB B and then connect the hard drive to that usb hub ;)...i don't know if you get the picture... sorry for my bad language ;) i'm from romania ;) have a good time ;)
Great idea. Albeit, I think like a thief and, in the midst of moving around computer things to unhook cables, I would notice a UPS that was 10-20lbs too light and that would tip me off.&nbsp; I would add some weight to offset the missing battery.<br /> <br /> Check out this instructable too https://www.instructables.com/id/Hidden_USB_Storage/<br />
Also the transformer (not sure about yours) but mine can be plugged into the wall and it puts out about 30 amps. I am trying to make an automated solder fed solderng iron, so sort of like a mini MIG welder. Not sure if it will work, I know the soldering parts work but I wonder if it would fry components.
When you said, "your wife won't know" I thought to myself, this guys using this to store his massive porn collection probably.
couldn't u place micro sd in tiny zip bag u us guys call them dime bags ? and hide it layer of a zipo that works then it mite be stolen but who strip searches a zipo except me:)
lol thats a good thing to do with a external drive fill it with pics of the great vanessa hudgens
Great! Now I have a secret place for all my por... erm, secret files.
heh hide your <strike>po</strike> in<strong>por</strong>tantpictures<br/>
That's be pretty cool to install something like that in the wall behind your computer.. mostly just because it'd be out of the way, and not because of needing to hide it! : D
what would be cool is if you used a hidden wireless usb hub. . . . I just thought of the absolute best hiding spot. get an old crt monitor, gut it. install a usb monitor at the front (use bondo to make it look right, and bingo you have a 3 to 4 sq ft hiding space that no one in there right mind would steal.
smart perv.
"...what this hack is good for? imagine if you will, you've downloaded some po... important pictures..." ROFL!!!
whats so perv?
You don't understand what he meant?
Yeah I agree with a few people here - that if you were burgaled then they would probably take a UPS over a USB drive. The value these days is like $10 for a 4GB USB key, but a UPS is like $50 worth. Also, if the UPS did work, you could just unsolder the wires behind the USB socket inside, wire in a cheap USB Hub from ebay, and plug in your USB Drive AND wire the UPS. Voila!
That's pretty cool. Instead of a hard drive, how about putting a USB flash drive in there? It wouldn't require an adapter, and there would probably be enough room to leave the UPS functional.
That's a great idea. The problem is the current flash drives aren't very big and are still much more expensive per gigabyte than a 2.5" hard drive. That's changing quickly, though!
SHEESH - Almost a year later and a 32GB Flash USB Stick is only $69 at Micro Center. 16GB is $39. Seems like another Instructable is in order. Although, a USB Hard Drive's MTBF should be much higher than a USB Flash Drive.
Youve downloaded some por....important pictures... Hahahaha Nice ible 5*
mine lights the fault led when i remove the battery
NEVAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br/><sub>im gonna revive the battery at least</sub><br/>
Can I have it please
Why were you looking at pictures of vanessa hutchins? Oh yeah, cuz she's doublefine.
I like this idea, but also like the idea of having it in your wall.... only thing that makes me wonder about that is heat - if its in an enclosed area it will get hot.... if its not it will have bugs jumping all over it. Got me thinking now through.... where can I hide my important pic...... I mean porn?
por....<em>important pictures</em><br/>
cool. but in my UPS you can change the battery (easley) (i got a APC Backup Pro 350) i got it for 2$ :-D
damn,I got my ups with bad battery for free!one trip to crap shack and it will work again!
Cool Stuff guy. But wouldnt people be curious why you have a dead UPS on the floor by the computer lol. Other wise pretty clever
lol interesting
por-important pictures
<strong>LOL!</strong><br/><br/>I totally have an old busted power backup! And I totally have hard drives with po.. important pictures on it! This one was totally for me!<strong></strong><br/>

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