Introduction: URL Redirect Prank Using Dd-wrt

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Use a router with dd-wrt firmware to send users to the wrong site when a specific url is entered.

Step 1: The Firmware

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-First, you need a router with dd-wrt ... you'll know if you have this.
-If you aren't currently using dd-wrt, I highly recommend it; basically it adds enterprise level functions to your cheapo router (not all routers are compatible, but many popular ones are)

Step 2: Find Ip Address

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- Use to find the address of the site you want to redirect people to. Write this down.

Step 3: Setup

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- Go to in your browser
- click the 'services' tab, enter your password if neccesary
- scroll down to DNSMasq, and make sure it is enabled

- Under 'Additional DNSMasq Options' enter: address=/
ex (redirects to instructables): address=/

- scroll down and click apply. thats it!

Step 4: Some Thoughts

This can be used fairly effectively, but there are a few things I have noticed. Some sites are accessible via a URL, or just by URL, so you will have to enter both of these in order to make sure you get your victim.

I researched how to do this because this is trivial to do to a friend with a PC by editing their hosts file while they are gone, but seeing as all my roomates have Macs, their host file is password protected.

This was my first instructable, hopefully everyone enjoyed it.


raffoulig (author)2016-06-28

I am trying to follow your step but it's not forwarding the website. Can I get please help my TP link router has been already pre-installed with DD-WRT firmware :(

Simon23 (author)2013-05-12

Nice information.I use to find an IP address of website by using .

coolaj86 (author)2011-09-16

I've compiled this tutorial with some relate ones on how to redirect DNS:

This was very simple and helpful.


lenordbater (author)2008-11-19

Brilliant work. I love the DD-WRT>

DD-WRT wins number 1.

I 2nd that sire!!! yes, sir-ee!! :-) running dd-wrt v24-sp1

rush_elixir (author)2008-07-31

Very good idea!!!

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