U.S Flag


Introduction: U.S Flag

The first day I used Tinkercad I made the U.S flag.

Step 1: Go to Www.tinkercad.com

Step 2: Select the Tools You Want to Work With

I used Stars, Letters, Holes, and Image generators.

Step 3: Print With Makerbot

I exported the stl file to a Makerbot 5th generation replicator, rafts. I used white PLA fillament.

Step 4: Paint Flag

I painted the flag with red, blue, and silver glitter nail polish.



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    You should probably have a version of the file that is in color, such as .vrml, which you can export in TinkerCAD. That would make it so that if you have a multicolor printer, you wouldn't have to do the last step.

    Thanks! I like it!

    thanks for sharing your ornament with us, I really like how to painted it!