Introduction: USA Christmas Scene

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This is a Christmas ornament with a Christmas scene that has the USA Map in white as the background (supposed to symbolize snow). On the base of the snow there are two snowmen, four presents, and a Christmas tree. Lastly, there is a troop ribbon with the words "HAPPY HOLIDAYS" attached to it.


Step 1: All Pieces

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Step 2: Base

Picture of Base

Image generator piece with USA map printed into it 59.47 mm x 13.19 mm x 51.21 mm

Box 1.91 mm x 67.26 mm x 13.38 mm

Thin Tube .76 mm x 4.97 mm x 7.64 mm

Step 3: Letters

Picture of Letters

Green and Red letters: H, A, P, P, Y, H, O, L, I, D, A, Y, S

Step 4: Troops Ribbon

Picture of Troops Ribbon

Heart Shape

Heart Shape Hole 8.39 mm x 1.7 mm x 11.79 mm

2 Boxes 14.33 mm x 12.35 mm x 1.66 mm

Step 5: Christmas Tree

Picture of Christmas Tree

12 Green Pyramids

- make to fit whatever size you want tree to be

- put 2 layers of pyramids for each branch of tree (one point of one pyramid on side of the other pyramid)

- stack and layer as wanted

1 Brown Cylinder

- depends on size of tree you decide

1 Yellow Star

- 5.99 mm x .73 mm x 6. 94 mm

Step 6: Presents

Picture of Presents

4 Presents:

One contains:

1 Red Box 6.17 mm x 4.97 mm x 6.17 mm

2 Green Boxes 6.60 mm x 1.94 mm x 5.37 mm


2 Yellow Hearts 2.56 mm x 2.45 mm x .67mm

- place two hearts point to point and put parabloid in the middle

1 Yellow Paraboloid 1.33 mm x .83 mm x 1.16 mm

Step 7: Snow Man

Picture of Snow Man

2 Snow Men

One contains:

3 White Spheres (body)

- 11.66 mm x 10.13 mm x 7.66 mm (biggest sphere)

- 9.55 mm x 8.88 mm x 6.73 mm (middle sphere)

- 7.75 mm x 7.07 mm x 5.3 mm (smallest sphere)

3 Black Spheres (mouth and eyes)

2 Black Cylinders (Hat)

-7.64 mm x .7 mm x 7.64 mm (rim)

- 5.24 mm x 2.18 mm x 5.24 mm (top hat)

1 Orange Cone (nose)


peppypickle (author)2014-11-10

Thanks for your ornament design! To qualify for the 3D ornament challenge, please upload the .stl file you used then respond back to this comment and we will get you entered.

nholland13 (author)peppypickle2014-11-10


peppypickle (author)nholland132014-11-11

Wonderful, thanks! I just manually added you to the contest. Good luck!

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