Picture of USA - USB: American Flag USB Memorial
Plug and play flag waving ceremony. PC = Patriotic Computer.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1 - USB Fan
1 - USB LED lamp
12" of 1.24" diameter heat shrink wrap
1 - Flag (country of your choosing), roughly 9" x 6"
1 - Lighter
1 - Roll of electrical tape
1 - Hanger
1 - Heart full love for the country of the colors that don't run.

Step 2: Tape USB Connections At Base

Picture of Tape USB Connections At Base
If you are designing this for a specific computer check the location and orientation of your USB ports. Tape the USB plugs for the fan and lamp together at the base accordingly.

Step 3: Bend 90 Degress And Tape Again.

Picture of Bend 90 Degress And Tape Again.
Bend the lamp and fan arms 90 degrees so as they point at god once plugged into the USB ports. Tape again directly above the bend.

Step 4: Cut And Add Coat Hanger.

Picture of Cut And Add Coat Hanger.
- Cut the longest piece of straight section from a standard wire coat hanger.

- Just above the 90 degree bend you taped previously, attach the coat hanger and wrap with electrical tape again.

- Wrap the hanger, fan arm, and lamp arm again with electrical tape 2" higher.

Step 5: Heat Shrink Wrap

Picture of Heat Shrink Wrap
Cut roughly 5" of the heat shrink wrap tubing. Slip it over the lamp, fan, and wire until it rests at the base near the USB plugs. Heat with lighter till it shrinks together.

Step 6: Plug And Hoist

Picture of Plug And Hoist
Plug our flag into the two USB ports in your computer. If you don't love this country enough to spare 2 USB ports then you are in the wrong place. Bend the arms and hoist your flag into position.

Step 7: Take Off Your Hat And Place Your Right Hand Over Your Heart

Picture of Take Off Your Hat And Place Your Right Hand Over Your Heart
Hit the power button and prepare to shed a tear for freedom.
=SMART=6 years ago
This is so cheezy its like i just walked into a cheese factory and fell into a vet of cheese ! lol jk Good instructable, i might totally steal your idea and do a UK one lol yay America, god bless the ~~dictatorship~~ democracy ! god bless our right to ~~police~~ help the world. 9/11 was ~~ an inside job~~ a hateful act of terrorism and we will ~~ try to make the war go on forever so we can steal the oil~~ punish the culprits !! any hoo i digress
Oh gosh, another conspiracy theorist. Where exactly is your evidence? Please, stop posting inane rants that no one but yourself believes. Especially on an Instructable that was meant for a small display of American patriotism. In fact, why did you even click on it?
i dont actually believe that i was just being sarcastic and playing on the anti-american stereotype.

all jokes aside though, the world would be a better place if america didnt exist.
OT4 =SMART=2 years ago
The world would SUCK if america didnt exist.
Your post still fails as your "stereotype" is pretty far from the American stereotype.

Also, my original question has yet to be answered.

I was playing on the ANTI-american stereotype, saying things most people who hate america would say.

and as I said above i'm not a conspiracy theorist so i don't have to provide you with any evidence....

... even so, it no secret america has a presence in the middle east, and as far as i can remember its not americas country so really you should just get the hell out.
I'm sorry if I misunderstood. I failed to note the anti in your previous post.

As for your jokes, A+ for the anti-American tone. F- for the joke execution. Your two jokes made a pretty seamless transition into that petty and immature tone that looked pretty bad on your part.Your jokes were just posted on the wrong Instructable with the wrong tone.

I meant my other question; the first one was rhetorical.
So right,my robot friend.
(removed by author or community request)
i hate Taiwan usa is where its at
(removed by author or community request)
(removed by author or community request)
America killed osama so we beat him. America beat russia to the moon. And america is better at way more sports.

i might make this, but instead of that little light i will use a USB controlled butane lighter XD
Cool, post an instructable.
(removed by author or community request)
Who? Me?
inside job?Really?Oh my gosh.
Derin =SMART=6 years ago
ooooooh im never migrating to USA
Derin Derin6 years ago
Turks dont say bad things at their country
dombeef =SMART=6 years ago
=SMART= dombeef6 years ago
I agree with the china thing, We need MORE PRODUCTS MADE IN THE USA!!!!!
itobor25253 years ago
While I appreciate the patriotic spirit, keep in mind that most (if not all) of the components will have been made in China. Excellent idea, now if I can only find usb components made in America!
use a china flag
gunspyop23 years ago
jj.inc3 years ago
this is sweet, wish I found it before the fourth
manderw4 years ago
This is hilarious. I want to make one for my Dad.

Sorry it took me, what, 3 years to see it!
MegaMetal84 years ago

That's amazing
LOL Perfect God Bless USA or Whats left of it
Amazing Build, Do you think it will work if you use a British flag instead of an American one?
It works great with any flag, I've made Pride- and a Pirate-flag!
Mine didn't work, I think I need a bigger fan as the flag I have is 2"6' across. Something tells me my USB ports ain't gonna cut it! Someone should do an Instructable on how to make/draw the right size flag for this project...
sharky054 years ago
 Such a funny and inventive idea! Instant patriotism... Well Done!

(From a UK instructabler)
Txkink4 years ago
Clever idea and well done instructable. Disregard the haters and their comments.
Kociubinska4 years ago
I wonder why didn't Smart choose anothe four-letter word for his nickname?
I like the idea of the flag, thank you.
san4ito5 years ago
Cool flag!!!) If you want to know more about USA
clayball975 years ago
my computer doesn't have two usb drives together
dp69_20016 years ago
frickin' awesome. I love Ubuntu. Wish I could get my games and zune working in it. I'd dump windows.
Derin dp69_20016 years ago
lalalalalala*throws Wine package*lalalalalalala
Derin Derin6 years ago
Plus,why do you need those $$$ software that MS Apple blah blah big company gives with their players?
mweston6 years ago
You chose your posting date well :-)
Derin mweston6 years ago
pierros146 years ago
its amazing!!! can i use another flag or only the american works.... ??? why u put a flag next to the laptop? why don't you just spray it on the screen to b even more patriotic? you can make another with a battery and walk around with it ... and make a video too... btw, its a Patriotic Laptop. A PL not a PC...

Personal Computer.

I'm pretty sure laptops qualify as computers.
so making a kite!
zeron-796 years ago
you truly love America, i support you
Ex Marine6 years ago
bwahahaha this is gold
SPGWhistler6 years ago
At first I thought this was for a memorial, then I realized it was just for your everyday use. I like the concept of this device - it fits the instructables website well... but it's a little cheesy for me. I understand the comment about "usa, this is why the world hates you", but I've seen just as many pointless devices created by people from other countries on this website.
They just don't have a flag sticking out of them. :)
Esmagamus6 years ago
Now that really makes your country's flag look vulgar and cheap. I wouldn't do this with my country's flag.
Rmg126 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
=SMART= Rmg126 years ago
i Might just do that
NXK6 years ago
I'm still waiting for the "USB-Powered Eternal Flame" instructable.
Cryptonat6 years ago
Its a little cheesy, I do admit. Although, I do love it. There isn't enough patriotic ideas around. In other words, great instructable! You should probably find a way to combine the USBs into a single port. More efficiency and whatnot. And for you people who think they know what patriotism is: Patriotism is loving your country, not your government. I love my wonderful country of America. The government suck..... I will withhold my spiel. :P\
robbystowe6 years ago
OK very cheesy but awesome great Instructable
RetroTechno6 years ago
I like "Battle Hymn of the Republic" better. It's more upbeat. :-)
Cracknel6 years ago
5 Stars because you are a Linux user :D
this is very cheesy but awesome. looks like your computer is riding into battle Ready to Save the Day!
PKM6 years ago
Hehehe.. it's a neat idea, and amusingly executed. One question though... you're using Linux so presumably know your ars technica from your elbow- why are you taking photos of your computer screen? I mean Ubuntu will save the thing directly onto your desktop without you even having to fire up Paint and paste it in...
hcold PKM6 years ago
A fatal mistake (to add to the terrible screen shots) is using the flash, and having a dirty screen.
fi5e (author)  PKM6 years ago
Ha ha, good catch. Apparently when you have a menu item selected in Ubuntu it won't let you screen capture. I am sure there is a work around for this, but I just got the camera out.
shooby6 years ago
Aaaah, sweetness dude! Another way for the USA to waste electricity! Good instructable, silly idea.Would this work with the flags of other countries? If so, you might want to mention that.
i'm pretty sure it would. in fact, i'd be amazed if you couldn't put pretty much any other flag in there... could even make little nvidia or ati flags or something for going to a lan with. or a custom one with your tag on it :) totally pointless device but i love it!
Ooohh! A pirate-flag then!
I was being sarcastic : )
Rockerx6 years ago
I like it!