Step 4: Drill Plates for Foundation

1. you want the sticks to cross at about 16"
2. find the angles of the sticks and duplicate in the plates
3. go all the way through with the drill

Just a quick bit of info for ya. Butane gas comes in little cans for cigarette lighters. The gas in the blue canisters is propane.Just wantedto add that incase people not in the know don't go out looking for butane in the blue canisters only to made to feel like an idiot by some smarty pants sales associate. <br> <br>
Ridiculous, fantastic and terrifying. Love it!
theres a few ways i cook..when i was younger it was make the worst thing for you in the world but make it taste awesome...it really wasn't too hard to do..the trick now is to take things that are healthier and make them taste as good..thats a trick ive gotten close to but theres always room for improvement. i think the kid in me wanted to make one more awesome thing before i gave up on junk food

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