USB Air Conditioning





Introduction: USB Air Conditioning

Step 1: Box

Find the tin and make holes.

Step 2: Barrier

Make old cd barrier

Step 3: Connect and Lid

Connect USB cable with CPU Cooler

Step 4: Ice

Put ice (better - dry ice) :)

Step 5: Connect

and enjoy with cold air, sorry my English ;)



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meh.. if the ice comes from a fridge in the same apartment, then you will be adding heat in your home. Not a big amount, but still this doesn't make much sense

i have designed a similar version inspired by it that uses an arduino chip ATMega8

and controls the fan speed according to the amount of external temp.

it also warns that ice is melting , etc...

it also has a lcd display and humidity centre and is fully automatic and also monitors the battery level and recharges automatically when plugged in the socket..

it runs on 9 v dc...

it is so auto-cool.............................

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Dear HarshV... could you please draft your device's tutorial... a step-by-step one.... as i was thinking on the same ground but could'nt succed yet... thanks friend

sad to say that it did not work. it did blow cooler air, but so little that the heat you will produce while making this will be greater than the cooling you will get from all the ice your freezer can produce.... I really like the design and idea though. Maybe i didnt have all the right stuff for it.


dude, this is so cool, where i live right now is soooo hot; this works so nicely and cost me nothing to make; but the ice goes away so quickly, it doesn't melt, it disintegrates, but the byproduct is freezing cold water that i'm considering to drink, good job on this 'ible

can anione of u, help me out in designing this setup on basis of technical datas like( container volume, fan power,ice qty., temp. difference etc... ) required for 1 person nd for 15 persons ?

i'd try using a thermoelectric cooler {peltier unit}

nice, but maybe I will try that one with a bigger container..maybe it can refresh a bigger room....nice project

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Try it with more fans, and a larger container, like a cooler.

If you're doing that, use Ice packs (Such as Nordic Ice) or frozen water/gatorade bottles.

And use some fans to draw air in.

nevermind.. i used whatever worked haha. i made one! sadly, the fan is so weak.. i can feel it drawing cold air out, but its really weak. is there... an easy way to... say, use two USB outlets to combine 10 volts to power the fan more? I made mine out of this big Tin box that a bottle of southern comfort came in.. its really cool. looks nice and its really tall! I love the idea.

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heres the pics of the version i made. Needs more juice in the fan area though. I used a plastic like CD case, it was bendy plastic to make holes in to hold the ice. It worked fine, drained without leaking. Cool instructable!


Ok, do as I did. I amped it up a little. I don't have pics now, but I will later.

Essentially, have one fan running air intake, and one to blow the air at you. Intake at the top, ice at the bottom, fan blowing air aimed at your face.

It's that simple, and all you have to do is rig it up to a single usb cord.

its portable! you can use in car with an Ipod car charging usb thingy from apple!

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Or you could simply roll down the windows.

no it does not help in saskachewan

how many trees have you found so far?
i lived in edmonton for 6 months, not one tree

Oh. I don't imagine this cooling a whole car, though.

2 or 3 mabey, also try running the fans (of the car) with no heat or a/c