Picture of USB Batman Spotlight
You saw Batman Begins, you've now seen The Dark Knight, and now go on admit it, you want one of those mega spotlights with which Commissioner Gordon summons the help of the Caped Crusader. But you don't have a gigawatt three phase power supply, all you have is a measly little 5V USB... don't despair, that's plenty to work with, and if you follow this instructable you'll be casting the most wicked bat shaped shadows all over your bedroom, living room and office walls.

It's dead easy if you have even the most basic making skills and great to try if you've never done any electronics before. Plus there's a little bit of fun hacking apart a Series A USB plug and using the guts!

You'll need

  • A couple of old packaging bottle caps (shower bottle and single serving drinks bottle, or something similar)
  • Some thick tin foil (take out tray, or aluminum roofing / flashing tape) although thin foil will work
  • A cheap USB Laptop light (or the appropriate LED, wire, correct resistor and USB Plug
  • A small piece of clear plastic sheet (OHP sheet or bit of old packaging)
  • Some cardboard and or foamcore (not necessary but nice)
  • Some low value loose change
  • Soldering iron
  • Hot Melt Glue gun
  • Black and silver paint (spray or markers)
  • About 1.5 to 2 hours to spare doing this project
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s_flores6 months ago
It's amazing!!
Jijital3 years ago
I would like to thank you deeply for this nice little project of yours, which was just what I was looking for, for my Batman-ized Scalextric slot car track. I made some tiny variations when I built mine: skipped the aluminum background of the lamp, because I did not want the blurry effect (more similar to the movie, I know) and used a pre-built base, which I got from a LED head-lamp that I bought for 3 euros. Incidentally, this base has a batt-ish shape and also gives me the chance to rotate the signal quite easily. Finally, I took the liberty to glue some black paper inside the cap and also made the bat covered with a piece of black darkening fabric. That's because I like the almost completely-black effect that you see when the signal is off.
Anyway, here's some pictures of the signal and track and thank you again for your creativity!
Luigi (Rome, Italy)
KaptinScarlet (author)  Jijital3 years ago
Thanks for your kind words, but I can't see your pictures, which after that great explanation I am very much looking forward to seeing.
Oops, sorry! Maybe they were too big. I just resized them and hopefully, here they are:
Zappzipper Jijital10 months ago

no offense but your handle for the light is better than his wat did u use

Jijital Jijital3 years ago
Oh, I forgot: I also replace the LED in your original project with a 4.8V mini-lamp.
Thanks again for your inspiration, you rock!
Hooligan21 year ago

instead of using the USB light could you use a USB and a led and just solder the wires from the led to the USB?

useful idea using your idea we can make logo projection.i am going to do that in my next instructable. thanks for the idea.
I'm planning on making this for my boyfriend this weekend so I'm thrilled to start the project! Thank you for sharing this!
My Make Batman For Led Please see my make - http://www.instructables.com/id/Batman-Projector/
jmray2 years ago
Thanks for the detailed drawings/etc., very nice.
anghellix3 years ago
Very creative and professional.
zigzagchris3 years ago
It doesn't look to be completely in focus.
Iv been wanting to make a batman symbol Gobo for my schools lighting for fun for a while, hopefully ill find time soon
Rehmatullah3 years ago
oh my god i like lamp its mini and very original....
rsrizwanz923 years ago
rsrizwanz923 years ago
Goodhart3 years ago
rsrizwanz923 years ago
KaptinScarlet (author)  rsrizwanz923 years ago
thank you!
dodo915 years ago
black wire isnt ground, as usb doesnt have grounding. pin 4 is negative, and pin 1 is posotive
Ground is another interchangeably used term for the negative wire
devinda dodo915 years ago
Ur wrong, cuz there is ground and the power supply . check out http://www.instructables.com/image/FZN6CJYFMMD5IFI/USB-Preparation.jpg
dodo91 devinda4 years ago
oh ok.
chicken224 years ago
you have to sell them, they are very good!!!
Surely, correct me if I'm wrong, you could just have drilled a larger hole at the bottom of the cap and just threaded the light through and then filled the hole in with a putty of sorts instead of cutting it up?
KaptinScarlet (author)  TerminalDragon4 years ago
you could but the metal tube from the book light is too strong and springy and the batman light won't stand up properly because it is so light.
now that...is cool
egabashvili4 years ago
God, this is so awesome, I can't bear it
i can't find any bottles in my house with that transparent cap D:
St Jimmy4 years ago
I used a piece of polystyrene from an office dumpster. Found materials FTW!
St Jimmy4 years ago
I used one of those translucent film canisters. This is awesome
wow, that's pimp; too bad i used up the cheap usb cable i bought for the xbox controller to usb.

Do I really have to join to get the batman template, and mounting yoke????
Joining has no cost. You just need to have an email, and its very easy!
KaptinScarlet (author)  Jerminator4 years ago
Sorry it used to be free about 2 years ago, now there is a £10 joining charge and that lasts forever or a £0.95 per project download cost.
imma use this one: http://www.photoshopstar.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/batman-logo.jpg
Good idea
Thing is, I spent about 3 years building up dadcando and designing things on their and the cost of running it was too much, so I decided to charge a small fee to join or 95p to download a single project. The revenue from this hasn't aded up to the cost of creating the site just yet, but the weekly money that comes in covers running the site and keeping it up there. ^_^ There's loads more on dadcando than just this template!
Crushinator4 years ago
That is sssoooo awesome.
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