Step 10: Hack the USB plug apart

Picture of Hack the USB plug apart
Using a sharp craft knife, carefully slit down one side of the plug rubber outer moulding. Don't worry about cutting anything inside... you won't, it's all protected by a metal case.

Once you have slit it you can peel the rubber cover off the metal parts. It might put up a little bit of resistance because it was moulded into place, but it should come off all in one piece and relatively easily. What you see immediately is a metal case.

The metal case is made up of two parts . to separate them, you first need to unwrap the top part cable grip. Once you have done this the top case part opens up on two little semi hinges and then can be lifted off.

Inside you'll find more messy rubber, you have to pick this off. It does come off quite easily, but you will quite probably break the thin wires in doing so. This doesn't matter at all because you are going to be soldering new ones on anyway.

When you have taken it all apart you can solder the wires that go tot the LED back on to the relevant pins, see diagram. The middle two pins are NOT used.
dodo915 years ago
black wire isnt ground, as usb doesnt have grounding. pin 4 is negative, and pin 1 is posotive
Ground is another interchangeably used term for the negative wire
devinda dodo915 years ago
Ur wrong, cuz there is ground and the power supply . check out http://www.instructables.com/image/FZN6CJYFMMD5IFI/USB-Preparation.jpg
dodo91 devinda4 years ago
oh ok.