I saw the Bawls light project and I wanted to do it, but with a twist. Instead of a bulky 9v hanging off the back, I opted for a slim USB cord. I update the pictures often, so check back every now and then....

Step 1: Look at the Pics

I know there fuzzy, but a couple turned out good.
1st pic - Overview of the project
2nd pic - Tried to show pic of it on, but its day time so....
3rd - Showcasing the uncluttered top
4th - Pic of the USB going into the bottle
5th - On at night
6th - Clearer picture of the usb going into the bottle
7th - Tried another picture of the top, still fuzzy. Oh well :)
a hint if u know a thing or two about photography and SLR cameras...ur digital cam might have some F stop and shutter speed options...i found that out about mine lately...
looks cool but were do you get bawls mints ?
thinkgeek.com; be sure to get both the mints and drink for "fizzlin' blue bawls"
Bawls is a "cafiene guarana drink," but thats just what they call it. It is more of an energy drink that I usually find in seven 11.
how about adding instructions?
It's basically this project (https://www.instructables.com/id/EAXPEQBYYOEP2872JV/)<br/>But according to this forum post(http://forum.hackedgadgets.com/viewtopic.php?t=122) he added a 150 ohm resistor.<br/>
if you use the macro setting on your digi, u could get much clearer pics

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