Step 13: Upload keyboard sketch to your Arduino

Picture of Upload keyboard sketch to your Arduino

Now, we'll work on turning your Arduino UNO into a HID keyboard.

First, Download the Arduino sketech from our GitHub repository, then compile and upload the sketch to your Arduino.

This is the code that, if desired, you would modify the threshold value in to adjust the "button" sensitivity.

elzurdo863 years ago
Hi , I got it to funciton but only until the third phase, the fourth one is still not working. I will post my advance later today to show you what im doing to see if you can give me a hand, also I was trying to upload the NES EMG files but it does not let me it shows as a pde and it has problems with a boolean type of variable. It seems like it is a processing sketch not an Arduino one. Also I was checking the steps to updgrade the firmware. Is it mandatory to do it? by doing that would I be able to upload the .pde file to the arduino?

I will wait for your reply. Thanks
Gundanium (author)  elzurdo863 years ago

What version of Arduino's software are you using? This sketch won't work for the new release, v1.0. They moved some header files around. If I find time, I'll work on updating the sketches.

.pde was used by previous arduino files as well as processing files.

I'm not sure I understand what you are talking about in regards to the firmware.
I-m using the Arduino UNO R3 which is different than the one in the link you posted. I haven't tried to update the firmware in this one since the pictures in the link does not match with the one that I have.
Gundanium (author)  elzurdo863 years ago
Are you talking about the Arduino hardware firmware? You shouldn't have to update the hardware firmware.

The Arduino development software has changed since I posted these instructions. The hardware firmware should be the same.
So basically I just have to update the sketch for the Arduino and I should be good to go?. How do I set up the keyboard to play the nes game? . Is a special game? or can I download any NES emulator?
elzurdo863 years ago
Hello, I'm trying to get this project going, but I'm not able to get anything from the sensors, I made this one with the arduino UNO, and I noticed that the one you have was perhaps a duemilanove? , I tried to compile and Arduino displayed the message, BYTE keyword no longer supported , instead use Serial.write. I changed all of the commands and the program didn't show any mistakes but after uploading everything to Arduino nothing happened. Can you give me a hand with this?