Picture of USB Bracelet
Have you ever wanted the luxury of having your USB Drive at your fingertips at all times? Well the USB Bracelet does just that and also has a bit of style to it. It just the thing for all of those techies out there. In this simple instructable i will show you how to make the USB Bracelet.

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Step 1: Parts/Tools

Picture of Parts/Tools
A USB Drive without the case
A small circuit board (mine came out of a toy noisemaker)
Cable (any will do i used an audio cable)
Miscellaneous electronic components (ex. small resistors, capacitors... etc)

Soldering Iron
Duct Tape

Step 2: Cut and strip the Cable

Picture of Cut and strip the Cable
Cut the ends off of the cable ...mine was a non-working audio cable... then cut it to the length needed to slide on and off you hand easily. Then strip the ends and twist the wires together. Then solder the wires and wrap a piece of tape around the joint.

Step 3: Soldering and taping

Picture of Soldering and taping
Solder the electronic components to the circuit board. Then tape the USB Drive to the circuit board (I would have used hot glue but i did not have any at the time) Then tape the circuit board and USB Drive to the cable.

Step 4: The finished product

Picture of The finished product
You are now finished with your USB Bracelet! You can now impress your friends with this stylish and functional bracelet. I hope you liked this Instructable!