USB Cassette





Introduction: USB Cassette

With sliding USB stick action!

Step 1: Supplies

Items of most definite use:

  • USB stick
  • Cassette tape
  • Toothpicks
  • Glue (Hot or Super)

Tools used:
  • Dremel
  • Screwdriver
  • File

Step 2: Minor Steps

Remove the five screws which hold the cassette together, and remove the spools of film. Score, with a knife the outline your USB stick on the inside of one of the sides. This is where you will be adding "runners" for the stick to slide along. On the outside of both sides of the case, score where the tip of the USB stick will protrude from. Roughly cut a hole, and file it smooth.

Step 3: Adding Runners to the Inside

Grab your toothpicks, and place them along the score lines. Hot/Super glue them into place and test how the USB stick fits along them.

Step 4: Making a Little Window!

Grab the other half of your cassette, and measure out a little window to cut from it for your USB stick to slide in and out. Use your Dremel, or rotary tool, to cut it out, and use a file to make the edges appealingly smooth. :D

Step 5: Let It Slide!

With the piece you cut from the case, you can make a thumb stud for the stick to slide easily in and out of the case!

There isn't really much to this instructable, as its basically a simple process. But it is fun, useable, and hip!




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:O Awesome! Thanks for the update WSF!

Please, call me 'face.

I always wanted to say something like that.

Why 'Face, what an excellent name! I'll see you around -ibles then 'Face. :-)

 I was going to say that too! It made it in the magazine too! The April I belive, the one with a blackhawk on the cover. 

I knew I saw it on instructables!

It would be neat if you could write music onto a cassette with a usb flash drive

better still take apart a casette deck adaptor for a cd player/other devices and build a usb mp3 player into that, then just push play, and stick it in your cassette deck, hours of tunes on a single cassette, and no crap quality either!

yes and this is practical huh?


i had a USB floppy. but i forgot it in my pants pocket so it melted.

it would be better if you hid the sliding bit more...instead of having a huge hole in the side of the case