Charge a USB device via USB without the need for data transfer.

In the case of my Sansus e280, it allows me to play music as it charges.

This effectively covers the two data leads on any USB cable.

Step 1: Gather Items

You will need:

  • Mp3 Player or Device of concern
  • Notepad paper, slightly thicker than regular paper, but thinner than cardstock.
  • USB Cable
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil (if you really need it)
  • Template (In centimeters)
<p>I like easy solutions for common problems that are so obvious you never even bother to try solving them. I will do this with my iPhone that keeps asking me if I trust my computer every time I charge. Thanks mate!</p>
<p>I turned out to not work on iPhones and probably a problem for other smartphones as well. iPhone uses the data pins to determine what type of charger it is and how fast to charge. It reads the resistance value.</p>
My dad built a box for this. It's basically just a usb extension cable that has a switch for the data connection. You just flip the switch and it connects the data connection again.
I also tried this on a car head unit that has a usb and does not support charging and it started charging my phone
that is weird... the harmony 700 will not charge on a pc no matter what you do... and this cable mod will charge everything I have and sever the data link but the harmony does nothing
This is a great tip for ANY USB device that you want to charge, but not &quot;connect&quot; to your system (Windows/Linux/Apple). I got sick of my phone trying to connect and install drivers when connected to my work laptop, when all I wanted was some USB juice to charge it. Paper template blocking pins 2 and 3 did it!! Nice tip, sbrown!
you could just push select while you connect your sansa to your pc
Yay!!! Let's start a Sansa group.
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I'm a zune user, so this doesn't concern me. But, this is a great 'ible. I'll pass it onto my brother; be loves his e280; anything but ipod. Woot!
Sansa Rulez! whoop whoop
We should start a sansa group yayayaya
a just as efficient way is to play your files from the computer via a media player and your computer speakers unless you really want to do this (instructable)
This is probably a stupid question, but I have a sony walkman mp3 player that always shares data and will not let me play music from it while it charges, do you think this would work for it. P.S. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to electronics.
Yes, it will probably work, just try it. The paper covers up the two inside leads and prevents data from being sent to the pc or player
Awesome - works perfect! For another cool hack project on version 1 e200 series sansa players, check out <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.rockbox.org/">http://www.rockbox.org/</a> It is installed on my e250 and works great! Pretty easy to install and adds lots of features like bookmarks, plays mpegs, view jpegs, many games (sudoku, chess, pacman)!!!<br/><br/>Thanks again for a simple Instructable!<br/>
AMEN THANK YA JESUS FOR ROCKBOX! I installed it like 3 months ago! If rockbox only made MP3 players and sold them, they would make SO much money, but im glad im gettin it for free! lol
for about the past month mine has done this without any altercations.
good idea but some mp3 players make i so the data lines must be tied to ground or power to take a charge ( that just requires a usb extender and some wire cutters though)
...and yet another reason why the iFraud sucks! Sansa all the way baby!
Awesome! I must say Sansa View > iPod Nano Zune 80 > iPod Classic. Valuewise, only the iPod Touch is worth getting.

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