Step 2: Cutting the Housing

I was pondering wether to wire a step down circuit from 18v to 12v but seeing that the adapters will take 12 - 24 volts I decided just to add a fused link.
I Started by cutting the top of the housing off just above where the trigger was.
or you could buy this $40
Where did you get that
<p>Makita ADP05</p><p><a href="http://goo.gl/FdkLbQ" rel="nofollow">http://goo.gl/FdkLbQ</a></p>
Brilliant ! I was actually just about considering buying the milwaukee 12v &quot;box&quot; only because it comes with a 12v cigarette socket. Thank god that I stumpled upon your article today. I will emediately start copying your (much much better) idea :) <br> <br>Casper Christensen, Denmark
Thank You! I hope to have one of these soon for myself. :P
what's that &quot;truck bed spray&quot; you used? <br><br>i've been looking for a decent spray-on stuff like that and there are many products, with varying reviews. <br><br>i just need a tough, textured finish for my projects. any recommendations ?
Iv'ed used duplicolor, EZ Liner and RUST-OLEUM Truck Bed Coatings. All seem to hold up good as long as you prep your surface right. Prime bare metal, scuff up painted surfaces remove greese and dust etc.<br> RUST-OLEUM has a nice any angle spay tip which is good fer those awkward jobs.
thanks for the swift and helpful reply, will really help me out with putting a great finish on some of my projects :)
Nice job

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