Hey this is my first instructables I made this USB charger and want to show you how to as we'll !! What did you make? I made a USB charger for my ipad mini so I can charge it out on the go How did you make it? I was fed up of going out and my ipad was running out of battery so i Bluid it from a tin switch battery case and a USB Where did you make it? I made it this at home. What did you learn? What a 5v regulator is because I frayed my ipad with it !!

Step 1: Find a Female USB

Strip the USB and cut off all wire except from black and red

Step 2: Buy a Battery Pack

Find a high voltage battery pack with wires connected (12 volts is fine)


Buy a 5v regulator

Step 4: Find a Switch

Get a switch to turn it on and off

Step 5: Find a Sutible Case

Remember to drill all holes for components

Step 6: Optional

You can add extra things like led,flash drive and solar

Step 7: Follow This Blue Print to Solder It Together

Step 8: Watch Video

only if you could mention what color of line should connect to where :/
I added an other pic for you
Erm, where u uploaded it to? sorry im new to instructables
I salute you sir. A portable charger pack. Nice!
Nice project,and a thumbs up for the switch.looks likes a bombs switch:)
Thanks !!
I started my electronics hobby by building usb chargers too. Google "decoupling capacitors" for v2.0 ;)

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